Won't Download!

Hey guys,

My school is trying to put up a robotics team for the first time this year. We have 3 vex robots and i’m gonna be one of the programmers. First things first, I can’t seem to get the robot to download the code. I’ve downloaded the newest version of the easyC master code, and i’ve downloaded the USB Serial driver… Thats all i’ve done, maybe I am missing a step, but could someone help here? Just need to get it to download then I think we’ll be ok.

What specific error are you getting? When you try to download the code, what happens?

intelitek support

To enable download, make sure the power is on and the cable is connected.

Robot is on and serial cable is connected…

Have you checked your COM port?

Go into your Device Manager (from the Start menu, click on the Control Panel and then System) and look for the “Prolific USB to serial adapter” under “Ports”. This will be assigned to a COM number.

From there, open easyC and select “Loader Setup” from the Build & Download Menu. You’ll find a drop down box to select your COM port. Once selected, hit OK and attempt to download again.

If this does not work I recommend trying another usb port on the PC. You want to make sure your PC recognizes the new hardware and that it tells you it is ready to use. Make sure to check the device manager, as the COM port may change each time you plug into the PC.

Alternatively, you can plug the Programming Dongle directly to the serial port (if you have one), which would default to COM1. If all else fails, feel free to send me an email or PM & we’ll get you up and running ASAP.


Got the right com port now, thanks :slight_smile: