Won't recognize library

I am using the library ctre/Phoenix.h and it is saying “Include file not found in browse.path”. What do I need to do to make it recognize it in the browse.path?

I’ve already tried this. Is there something I’m doing wrong/I need to do

Did you use the WPILIB:: Manage Vendor Libraries option (you have to do it each time you create a project)? The documentation is at: https://wpilib.screenstepslive.com/s/currentCS/m/cpp/l/1035723-3rd-party-libraries

Just tried it. So I do WPILIB:: Manage Vendor Libraries option and every option on there except install new library (online) says “No new dependencies available”. What do I do?

When you do manage current libraries are any showing up? In particular is the CTRE one showing up? If not, need to download and install . The Phoenix doco is probably the most complete:

Go to the spot where it says FRC C++/Java - Add Phoenix. I’ve used the offline option for installing the Phoenix Framework.