Wood truss design

5817 has created a wooden version of the truss system for this years game. Once we finish the drawings and make sure all measurements are correct, we will post a link of the files.
Is there a need for this?


I’m game. Yes, for us we are looking at making a wood one.

What kind of structure do you have inside there? I’m feeling pretty paranoid about the ~550lb live load of three robots balancing…

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Plywood box construction, or are there beams/columns hiding in there?

103 was fortunate enough to get some dedicated and talented parents.

Four 2x10s work to make the columns, just butt each one to the next. It’s slightly less than the 12", but is a good approximation, and really simple to make.

Still a work in progress, but we’re confident we will be able to make it structurally sound for 6 full sized robots.

Edit: Uploaded images directly in the other similar thread:

We also didn’t have room for a full setup so we only built half, quite happy with how it turned out.

Hi Dereck, your photos are still blocked for me, can you check the album privacy settings please?

truss assembly.pdf (96.7 KB)
Here is a PDF with the drawings

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