Woodie Flower's award - a midwest lock?

Look at the list of the last 5 woodie flowers award winners:

Andy Baker - 45 (midwest)
Dave Verbrugge - 67 (midwest)
Bill Beatty - 71 (midwest)
Kyle Hughes - 27 (midwest)
Ken Patton - 65 (midwest)

Therefore, I deduce that this year’s woodie flower’s award winner will be from a midwest team, with a 2 digit team number.

So, the options are

Darrell Noble - 71
Sean Schuff - 93
Tim Flickinger - 27

Since no team has had mentors win the WFA twice, I say that Sean Schuff will win the WFA at Nationals. :slight_smile:

To add a little more flame to the fire:
jr7330 (3:26:29 AM): The last 5 woodie flower’s award winners have been from the midwest
lken5412 (3:26:49 AM): maybe because theres nothing better to do there?

I’m a little biased on this one…
I think we should bring in the Northeast and award George Perna of team 125. He won the WFA at the Chesapeake regional.

Attached is a pic of George and I from the Manchester regional. Photo credits go to Nadine from our team.



just my opinion - No region has a lock on any award. Although the judges probably do not consider past history, and they will judge on merit. With such an outstanding group of regional winners I would not want to be in the judges shoes. Judging and determining the Woody Flowers award and the Chairmans Award must be one of the more difficult jobs at the Nationals. Good Luck to all and remember, you are already winners. So - just be happy no matter the outcome.

Oh well i think the WFA will be from the West Side;) Ted Shinta, because we love him!

How could you forget Paul Copioli from 217 (even though he is on a 3 digit team). I honestly don’t think it matters team number wise this year…all of the winners deserve it and it could go to anybody…

Hey there is stuff to do here, but I think its great that these people give up their free time to mentor punk kids :stuck_out_tongue:

gesh… everyone keep an open mind… any award can go to any team… there is no way to tell who might pull away with it… its all based on now, and what the team has… not on the history of the team (at least w/ the WFA or any of the design awards)

Mike Rush was the winner at the Arizona Regional. You would be hard pressed to find a more deserving individual than Mike. No matter who wins, Mike will remain in the hearts of many in Arizona (especially "Mike’s Kids at UofA.)

Ken Loyd
Team 64

PS When I grow up, I want to be just like Mike!

I don’t see how you can say that people from the midwest are MOST likely to win…anyone who won the Woodie Flowers award is very much likely. All of them obviously make outstanding contributions to the FIRST program and are well recognized. I say good luck to ALL Woodie Flowers award winners at the national level and hope to see you at Nationals.

Someone made a comment to me that I think bears repeating here. As for the regional WFA winner from our team (Ansel Butterfield), I can’t imagine anyone more qualified or deserving to win nationally … but I’m sure there are plenty of others just as qualified. A big congratulations to all the regional winners, because they work hard and do it for the kids, not for the recognition (and this goes to all the mentors in general, too).

I’m not sure that I would really count South-eastern Michigan as midwest, but hey, why not…

My lawyer informed me that I need the following: Past performance does not indicate future results. Any information in these posts is derived from publically availible information at the time of publication. The author has no relation to anyone on the woodie flowers award selection commitee, except that he may have met one or two of them once. The author is currently looking for a real lawyer, rather then the one made up in his head. Any suggestions should be PMed to him. Any location labeled as midwest is the result of the author having lived in California and New York, and having never spent any time in the real midwest. These posts shall be taken as humourous. Any raised blood pressure derived from the thought that the midwest may have an unfair advantage is not the responsiblity of the author. Please pipe complaints to /dev/null. These terms are subject to change at any time that the author decides to change them, or his lawyer advises to change them. These terms are in effect in the United States and Canada, except for Vermont, because they always seem to have exceptions to all these types of disclaimers.

<<These posts shall be taken as humourous.>>

Well thats how I read it :slight_smile:

Just playing games with stats.

But it sure looks like a West coast winner is due. And maybe North also.
Hmm Pacific North West?

Paul Roush PNW WFA winner
(OK I am a bit biased)

I sure hope so !!! However as much as I think he deserves it, any of the WFA winners deserve to win!

dont forget roly :wink: anderson from our very own team 188 who won it at the canadian super regional two weeks ago. Hes been the cornerstone of our team and of FIRST’s existence in Canada since we entered in 1998. Im absolutely certain that every single WFA winner and nominee deserves this national award, and that its virtually impossible for outside people to recognize and be affected by contributions that these people have made, so let’s just say that whomever wins, they will definitely me most deserving.

Dont be hatin’ on tha Midwest!!!