Woodie Flowers Award and Chairman's Help

Many of you have seen this thread, and I urge you to keep it in mind (and don’t forget to fill out the forms for the FIRST Scholarships!). I have so far used my editing skills to have two different people honored with a scholarship, and you could be next. There’s over $2000 gone to college expenses, with my help. Don’t gamble with a potentially silly mistake- have someone else look over your efforts.

I would like to further extend my offer to Woodie Flowers Award and Chairman’s Award submissions. With that said, I’d like to state that

  • The confidentiality of your submission will be kept, if you desire so. I will not
    share the entries with anyone.
  • I will have your submission back to you within 24 hours (if not immediately), or warn you in advance if it will be longer. Only in very rare situations is this the case.
  • I will edit and re-edit as many entries as you would like me to.
  • I will NOT write your entries for you. I will make suggestions, offer advice, and edit grammatical errors. You must write the actual content for the submission yourself.
  • I will give you tips and advice on how to write for FIRST judges.

However, all you have to do is ask. Make sure you have read over the criteria for the awards, also. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and coherency is a HUGE part of these awards and judging. Look at past WFA submissions and Chairman’s Winners and this will become apparent. I’ll look forward to receiving entries.

Good luck and happy FIRSTing,
Amanda Morrison

Amanda Morrison is amazing, she does excellent editing work and offers superb advice.

Take advantage!!!

Where do you find out information on the Woodie Flowers Award. The How? What? When ? etc.

Joe P

Section 9 - The Awards contains all the information you need for the 2005 FRC regional and championship event awards!

Also, go to www.firstawards.org for further information on WFA and Chairman’s submissions (and website) as well as the ability to submit your entries.

Thanks, so much for sharing this offer with the CD community Amanda. I’m working with a few students in attempt to get them started on an essay for a submission for WFA, and would love to have them send it on to you once complete as an additional resource. Thanks again! :]

I wrote this to a mentor today, and I think it’s good advice for any team who is submitting an essay. I understand some teams are uncomfortable with sharing this type of information, and that’s fine. A few tips and pointers will help everyone:

  1. Identify with your team 3 main things you’d like for the judges to notice. Does your mentor communicate well? Get along with the students? Raise money for the team? Name about three things that you think are best to describe them, if you had to do so in three sentences.

  2. Ask yourself, why? Take those three focused main ideas and build upon them. Make a web with the ideas if you feel that it will help you decide what to write about, and how to really make them the strong points of the essay.

  3. From those three main points, find a story or instance where you think your mentor really displayed that quality. Why did that really affect the students/mentors/team? (Although you may not use the three stories in the essay, this will help you clarify what you’d like to say and how to say it concisely and effectively.)

  4. Incorporate what you’ve come up with into your essay. Many colleges will teach your students the five paragraph method (introduction, three main points of one paragraph each, and a conclusion), and this is by far one of the most effective and persuasive forms of writing or speech. Keep that in mind when you revise this essay.

I’ve gotten about three submissions to date, and hope for more. There is no person on earth (no, not even zee Grammar Goddess here) that can’t use a little revision on their work. Keep that in mind, and happy writing!


Wow, this is an amzing and great service that you are offering out. How would you like us to contact you? E-mail? PM?

I’d prefer if teams email me - you can do that through my profile on ChiefDelphi, or PM me and I will give you my email address.

This is a tremendous offer…

Now, where are all of the Woodie Flowers Award Submissions? Time is running out. Please add this to your list of priorities for the week! Let me tell you why…

Every team has a mentor that they appreciate. Writing a submission in their name is a wonderful way to show it. Many students look at this award and feel that their mentor does not have a real chance to win it. In my opinion, do not worry about that, putting forth the effort and presenting your mentor with a copy of the submission will be so important to them.

In 2003, I was sitting with my team in Houston during the Awards Ceremony. When the time came for the WFA, some guy’s name from Indiana was announced. Though it marked the second time that my team had nominated me and I…l o s t, it really did not bother me…who could complain about losing to Andy Baker…It really was one of my most memorable and favorite parts of the weekend.

Do not concern yourself that there are several deserving people on your team. PICK ONE. Will the others be jealous? They might be. But next year you can select another nominee if you wish.

So PLEASE, place a nomination for your favorite Mentor this week. It will mean far more than you can imagine…and really, you can’t lose.

With the deadline fast approaching, I will guarantee that you will have your submission back within 6 hours of submitting it to me.

I will not, however, log into FIRSTawards.org and edit it there for you. Email me at ammorrison [at] bsu [dot] edu, and attach it as a Word document.

It will take me twenty minutes or less to edit, I can guarantee it back within 6 hours or less, and it may or may not be a slight grammar mistake or spelling glitch that could cost your team.

I hope for an inbox full of emails tomorrow!