Woodie Flowers Award- Can a former mentor be nominated?

One of our coaches/lead mentor was unable to continue being a mentor for us this year due to certain circumstances and is now a lead mentor for a rookie team. However, they have done a lot and have had a huge impact on the students of our team so we wanted to nominate them for the Woodie Flowers award, can we still to this even if they are no longer a mentor for our team?

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Oddly, I’ve never seen the nomination page for that, but if it’s like the Dean’s List nomination page, they’ll need to registered with your team in the Dashboard as a mentor… I don’t know if the dashboard will let you register as a mentor with multiple teams, I’ve never tried it.

You could also reach out to the new team and work with them to submit him as a nominee for their team, possibly.

The dashboard should let you register as a mentor for multiple teams.

You could also have both teams separately submit for the same mentor, it’s happened before!




What Mike has said is true. We have had multiple teams nominate the same person from different programs, as some mentors help more than 1 team.
However, a mentor can only win it once. If a mentor wins it say at a Week 1 event for Team A, then they would not be eligible to win at a later Week or year for Team B.


Similarly, is it still the case that any former WFFA winner can be nominated every year for Championship WFA?

that is correct. A team would have to submit that renomination through the current system setup.



There are two paths to eligibility for this award:

  1. The nominee must win the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award at a Regional or District Championship during the present season.
  2. The nominee must have received the WFFA during a previous year and be re-nominated by the mentor’s present team this season. The mentor could have received the award while on a different team. Teams having multiple WFFA recipients may only re-nominate one each year.

All Championship eligible WFFAs will receive a congratulatory email from the WFA group.

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