Woodie Flowers award question

We have a mentor that has mainly worked for our team for the last 10 years but also helps a lot of other teams. Before our team he helped another team for 10 years. Both of our teams would like to submit an entry for him because he is still a big help to that team. Will these essays be against each other or will they announce that this mentor belongs to 2 teams? would we submit on essay from 2 teams or two separate essays? Has this ever happened before?

I’d suggest that you submit two separate essays, one for each team.
You can mention the other team if you want to.

The essays don’t combat each other. They demonstrate the pride and respect each team carries for the mentor.
I suspect it happens all the time.

Be sure to give the mentor copies of the essays, too. :slight_smile:

This is very conflicting… I would pick one and actually you may want to ask in the Q&A if their is an awards section.

Which ever team is truly that mentors primary team I would suggest you submit the essay under that team but stress they help the other as well.

My food for thought, if you are still stuck let me know.

I believe that Wayne Cokeley was submitted by both 25 and 1923 when he won the WFFA at the New Jersey regional in 2006.