Woodie Flowers Award Recipients.

Sorry that this is late, but congratulations to all the mentors that have been recognized by their teams thus far.
Week 1
Debbie English 4499 Hub City
Nate Cmiel 2052 Lake Superior
Russ Meyers Northern Lights
Trish Vos Palmetto
Massimo Salafia 2383 South Florida
Luis Carlos Basaca 4584 Toluca

Week 2
Seth Mallory 192 Arizona North
Karl Kay Arkansas
Steven Eaton 670 Central Valley
Bruce Charbonneau 1296 Dallas
Donnell Conner 48 Miami Valley
Dan Frank 4118 Orlando
Mike Meziere 3255 San Diego
Xiaojing Su 5449 Shenzhen
John Nicholls 4613 Southern Cross
Mitch Comer 3284 St. Louis
David Giandomenico Utah

Week 3
Matthew Draear 2481 CIR
Cynette Cavaliere 1511 Finger Lakes
Darren Worcester 1710 Kansas City
George Kantor Pittsburgh
Ross Pettinger 118 Lone Star
Rose Barra New York Tech Valley
Michelle Grau 4904 San Francisco
??? South Pacific
Lyn Repath-Martos 589 Ventura

South Pacific’s Woodie Flowers Finalist was Therese Keane, from all girls team 5648, the Melbourne RoboCats!

Rose Barra, the 2017 New York Tech Valley Regional Woodie Flowers Finalist, is from team 20.

Russ Meyers who won Northern Lights week 1 is from team 2512.

Thanks everyone. I cut and paste from the FIRST website which is updated by event staff at each event.

Congratulations to Tom Ore for winning it at Iowa, but how come you didn’t tell us about your team switch? I thought you were a Swartdog? :wink:

Thanks - its quite an honor - so many mentors work so hard for their teams. I keep checking TheBlueAlliance awards page to see my name - I want to be sure I didn’t walk off with someone else’s trophy.

I’m hoping the team number was a typo - I really wasn’t ready to move to New York.

Team 4944, The Hi Fives, just had our lead mentor Sergio Galindo win the Woodie Flowers award at the Colorado Regional. This is his 14th year in FIRST: the first four spent as a student and the following 10 spent as a mentor for 2 different teams.

Week Four

Tracy Hoffman 2221 Bayou
Sergio Galindo 4994 Colorado
Francys Gauthier 2626 Montreal
Angel Duran 4091 Hudson Valley
Tom Ore 525 Iowa
Bastian Palacio 5512 Los Angeles
Roger Farris 2341 Oklahoma
John Shuman 2556 Rocket City
Robert France 649 Sacramento
Morgan Everette 4576 Smokey Mountain
Mark Balla 4296 Wisconsin

Congratulations Everyone!

It’s actually “Sergio Galindo 4944 Colorado”
Wrong team number :]

George Kantor from Week 3 is 3504.

Team 525, the Swartdogs, definitely claim Tom Ore, a very deserving recipient. His banner is a nice addition to the Woodie Flowers wall at our shop.

OK here is the list of Week 5 Recipients.

Tiffani Cortez 2950 Brazos Valley
Judy Barber 379 Buckeye
Reid Kawamura 2445 Hawaii
Kelsie Margolieux 6358 Idaho
Sergio Cedillo 3478 Laguna
Susie Rich 2881 Lone Star North
Mike Ulinski 1781 Midwest
Muhammed Okur 597 Orange County
Robert Wentzel 263 SPBLI
Wyn Schuh 971 Silicon Valley

Ann McClung 2642 NC Champs
Liron Gurvitz 3211 Israel Champs


You’re missing Ann McClung from NC DCMP. Congratulations Ann!

Thanks, edited and Israel added as well.

Week 6
John Sperry 2158 Alamo
Rich Simoncic 3019 West Arizona
Leonard Evansic 585 Las Vegas
Laurie Shimizu 1816 10,000 Lakes
John Almos 5464 North Star
Paul Lucien 395 New York City
Travis Alexander 5897 Western Canada
Chris Noble 4580 Indiana District Champs
Robert Atiyeh 175 New England District Champs
Ken Luthy 2557 Pacific Northwest District Champs
Eric Kauffman 2974 Peachtree District Champs
Thom Galie 2607 MAR DCMP

Congratulations everyone!

Missing Thom Galie 2607 from MAR DCMP. Congrats!

Glenn Lee Hawaiian Kids for Houston Champs.

Missed Ann Kutz (correct spelling not the wrong one on the website) 1086 CHS DCMP

Missing Mark Moulton (2977) from Seven Rivers Regional, Geoff Allan (1114) from ONT DCMP and Justin Howard (1) from FIM DCMP Congrats to all three WFFA winners.