Woodie Flowers Award winners/Any other Award winners?

Does anyone have any information on who won what so far? I can not seem to find any links that have that type of information available. So can anyone help me out by relaying information of who won the regional WFA’s or other awards. Thanks.

Matt Driggs from 330 won the WFA at the sacramento regional.

While I cant remember the name of the winner, a mentor from 623 won the VCU woody flowers. 623 also won 2 other awards, the website design award, and the Entrepreneurship award. 1033 won the judges award(for tactic innovation, go sam!) and the safety award. 384 won chairmans and either the motorals quality or industrial design award(forget which one). 388 won the engineering inspiration. 122 won the J&J sportsmanship(and the one the field championship). 401 won either the quality or the industrial design(whichever 384 didnt win). Those are the awards I remember from VCU. All winners should be posted on www.usfirst.org soon enough if they arnt already.

Dana Hobbs of team 34 (Rocket City Robotics) won the WFA at the peachtree regional.

Rochester’s winner was from 1370, but I don’t remember the name.

Team 1002 (The Circuitrunners) won Chairman’s Award at Peachtree.

Team 250 won the Engineering Inspiration Award at Rochester. Team 191 won the Spirit Award. By the way, it is a shame that the Rochester Regional was not broadcasted. That final match was a thing to see.

Woodie Flowers Finalist Award winners for this past weekend’s regionals are:

BAE: Paul Griswold, team 155
FLR: Robert Kelly, team 1370
VCU: Charles Harris, team 623
Peachtree: Dana Hobbs, team 34
Sacramento: Matt Driggs, team 330

Congrats to all!

Andy B.

Team 1388 won the Technology Inspiration Award at Sacramento

team 237 won the Radioshack Innovation in Control Award

Photos of Robert Kelly (Team 1370) being announced and accepting (at the Finger Lakes Regional) can be found here: http://robotphotos.org/2005-flr-1370

Our leader wins THE WOODY FLOWERS AWARD At The UTC Regional Hartford CT.!!

The WFA winner at the St, Louis Regional was Eric O. Curry,this humble poster, from team 1208.

Congrats to Scott Richie from 234 Cyber Blue for winning WFA at UCF!

Susan Godez of team 128 won the WFA at Pittsburgh.

Team 279 Tech Fusion won both the Xerox Creativity Award and the Safety Award…And wore their safety glasses when they won…

Team 957 won the Chairman’s Award, TEam 847 won the Spirit Award, 1130 won Imagery, 1359 won Entrepreneurship, 955 won animation… All these are local teams… All at the Pacific Northwest Regional, there was more. but its all on www.usfirst.org



Kevin Ross from Team 1039 is the winner of the Woodie Flowers Award at the Pacific Northwest Regional.

Congratulations to everyone who won the Woodie Flowers award.

Congratulations to all the Woodie Flowers winners! I want to especially say a big congrats to Scott Ritchie, 234. Scott has done a lot for Indiana FIRST and a lot for my team (393). Though he IS my husband and I am totally biased, he does deserve this award and I am so proud of him.

Good job, Scott!

From Libby and the Full Metal Jackets