Woodie Flowers Award winners/Any other Award winners?

This is a bit off-topic, but does anyone know who makes the actual physical awards that are given to WFA recipients?

Chesapeake had DAVE LAVERY win Woodie Flowers!!!

Isnt it fun submitting your mentors behind their backs for the WFA? :yikes:
Or are we the only ones evil enough to do that? :rolleyes:

Also to note: When Dave went up to accept the award they (the people with the computer controlling the projector) changed the standard picture to the “Dave says thats pimp too” picture. It was a small version and as he walked off they put up filling the entire screen the picture. Maybe we are evil, I mean making fun of a mentor when getting the WF award. :yikes:

Team 11 won the chairmans award at the NJ Regional…:slight_smile:

John Novak (team 16) won the Woodie FLowers award at the Boilermaker Regional!

Mike Martus of Chief Delphi won WFA in Detroit. Good Luck in Atlanta!!

You’re not the only ones. 2004:Arizona: total surprise for mentor. 2005:Sacramento: Mr. Driggs had to be routed out of the pit by one of the directors. He didn’t know what was going on until after he was handed the award. Then he caught on very fast.

Oh, I know exactly what you mean… heh heh heh :smiley: