Woodie Flowers Award

Hi everyone!

I wonder if someone can help clarify some information about the Woodie Flowers Award for me. I’m a little confused…

In reading the competition documentation, I understand the award and its content. I’m a little bit confused about the date that’s written down though.

It says that the award will be presented at the awards presentation on April 6th. Not all regionals end on the 6th (some end before), and nationals don’t end until the 27th.

I looked through the FIRST website for clarification on this, but found none. Maybe it’s there and I’m just not looking in the right place :confused:

Can someone help clarify this for me?

Thanks bunches!


That date given in the manual was last years national competition date. They have must of used last year’s documents and forgot to update it for this year’s competition. But that award will be presented at the Championship Event. (it is always presented in Epcot)

Hope this helped,