Woodie Flowers buttons - find me to get one at Champs

I’m going to be attending Champs with my FLL Challenge team, the Goofy Griffins (team 23897, World Festival team number 66). I’ve got about a dozen of these Woodie Flowers buttons I got several years ago from an FRC team that was doing a fundraiser. If you’d like one, come find me at my FLL team’s pit on the 3rd floor (first come, first serve). I was going to give them to a local FLL team that was going to Worlds in 2020, but we all know what happened then.

Just find our pit and ask for Melissa Ayers, and let me know you’d like one of the Woodie Flowers buttons (I’ll be wearing one).


Awww I love them

Idk if I will get to FLL in time, but if not I will send one of my evil henchman (freshman)


These look awesome.

Freshman hate

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