Woodie Flower's Contact Problem

We are submitting a Woodie Flower’s award, but, unfortunately, our submittee is our main contact. As far as I know, every main contact recieves a confirmation e-mail, and, as we are submitting this particular mentor in secret, we are faced with an interesting problem. Is there any way we can get around this little problem?

As far as I can tell on the “awards” section of the game manual, the student nominator submits the entry online at www.firstawards.org without needing any intervention from the main contact.

Read the Awards section and go to that website and see what the instructions are. Since WFA are nominated and written by students, about an adult, esp sometimes the team leaders, it would not be logical to require an adult main contact with a password to submit it.
This is essentially how Chairman’s is too, submitting online.

Check it out…

Unfortunately, the chairman’s submission and W.F. submission forms are part of the same account.
It is possible to create two accounts for a team - see firstawards.org for more information. Just let your mentor know what you’ll be doing (“Oh, by the way, we’ve created a seperate account for our Woodie Flowers submission so that it can be completely student-created”) so that you don’t have any mix-ups.

I was told by FIRST that “no” there was NOT any way to set-up two passwords and two entry screens to separate the entry forms on www.firstwards.org between the CA and the WFA.

Yes, this separation of “church & state” would be very nice inthe future.

Also, the web site should CLEARLY state that one an award is submitted, that the “registered owner” of the web site got an e-mail confirmation that the award was officially received.

So, a team uploading a WFA “in secret” still has an e-mail going to the lead mentor (or password owner)…oops.