Woodie Flowers/Dean's List Interviews

Our team is submitting Woodie Flowers and Dean’s List nominations at the upcoming North Carolina regional.

Should we expect to be interviewed during the competition?

WFFA and Dean’s List are essay-based, not interview-based. I wouldn’t expect to be interviewed for either one; I’m not certain the judges for those are even on-site.

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There is a good chance they are on site. The Dean’s List judges are usually two or three of the blue shirt judges selected by the Judge Advisor. The Woodie Flowers Award judges are past award winners and there are usually some of them at the competition.

For the Dean’s List, the judging is typically done before the competition starts.

The woodie flowers panel keeps eyes and ears out for the WFA nominees. Some go as far as to plain out asking and meeting the WFA. Some even try to be sly.

There is a DLA judge that keeps tracks of the DLA nominees. The essay is only the foot through the door but how the DLA and WFA carries themselves throughout the entire competition really makes the final decision.

Even normal volunteers and other mentors can provide their two cents if the nominee does some credible act worth mentioning at the event to the Volunteer Coordinator and they’ll make sure it gets relayed to the right person. It won’t always be the decision maker but it’s helpful to know.

For the most part, if the nominee truly deserves to win, their attitude, actions, and the support of their team will prove it.

This information about the Dean’s List selection is not correct. The selection is based on the essays and is decided before the competition begins.

Ditto for the WFFA.