Woodie Flowers Finalist Award Winners 2019

many events have still not posted but Congratulations to those who have a new award.
Shaoni Bandyopadhyay Team 812 Midnight Mechanics.


Congrats to Rob Sheffield, our lead school mentor, 4451 ROBOTZ Garage who won at Palmetto.


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Congratulations also to
Philippe Provost, PhéminixTeam 4594 In Montreal
Patrick Rambo Vieira, PAIR OF DICE ROBOTICS Team 7426 Del Mar Regional
Hasan Aydin, Tigers Team 7228 Istanbul Regional

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To connect this to an event, the award was won at the Orange County Regional.

For reference, this page will list all of the WFFA recipients after their events (and can be filtered to show other awards, too!).


Sarah Heimlich, Team 3132, Southern Cross

Is Sarah the first to pull the double Dean’s List Winner to Woodie Flowers Finalist? I can’t imagine the list is very long.


So here is week two and I happy to say some very dear friends were recognized. I am sorry I was not there to help you celebrate.

Team 1939 Victoria CookTHE KUHNIGITS Arkansas
Team 3646 Anil Cici INTEGRA BAHCESEHIR Bosphorous
Team 846 Payton WongThe Funky Monkeys Canadian Pacific
Team 6305 Mary AllenStable Circuits** Central Valley
Team 1816 Alyson Purdy"The Green Machine" Lake Superior
Team 3814 Elizabeth KochPiBotics Miami Valley
Team 1736 Christopher GerthRobot Casserole** Midwest
Team 694 Shelley GrantStuyPulse NY Tech Valley
Team 525 Carmem McIntyre Swartdogs Northern Lights
Team 3160 Jeanne Smith F. R. O. G. - FIRST Robotics Organization of Grove Oklahoma
Team 3158 Jose MondragonPrepaTec - TECBOT Monterey
Team 1622 Todd Parr Team Spyder San Diego
Team 3132 Sarah Heimlich Thunder Down Under Southern Cross
Congratulations everyone!

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Congratulations to the Week Three Woodie Flowers Regional Award winners! Thank you to the students who nominated these wonderful adult mentors.
David Guzman Team 1251 Orlando Regional
Jeffrey Huspen Team 191Finger Lakes Regional
Dudley Copperwheat Team 4203Central New York Regional
Drew Whisenant Team 538 Rocket City Regional
Dave Hendricksen Team 2220 Heartland Regional
Rande Johnson Team 4931 St. Louis Regional
Michael Carter Team 3042 Great Northern Regional
Manuel ‘Manny’ Carbajal Regional de la Ciudad de Mexico
Celeste Lucier Team 60 Arizona Regional
Shifei Yin Los Angeles North Regional
Mitch Lichtenberg Team649 San Francisco Regional
Jacinta Brunning Team 5333South Pacific Regional

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Here is the newest list of great mentors nominated by their teams…
George Lazar Pittsburgh Regional
Jason Franzenburg Team 6317 Iowa Regional
Robert Smith Team 4096 Central Illinois Regional
Roy Cloud Team 1927 Bayou Regional
Sherry Comer Team 3284 Greater Kansas City Regional
Steve Langley Team 4944Colorado Regional
Magdalena Hernandez Team 5705 Regional Laguna
Randall Lam Team 1458 Sacramento Regional
Shane Palmerino Team 330 Los Angeles Regional
Rohit Sekhsaria Team 6024Hudson Valley Regional
Shifei Yin Team 5823 Monterey Bay Regional
Congratulations everyone.


This one, like plenty of others, was long overdue. Dave has been the bedrock of 2220 almost since the team started, and plays a huge role in almost every aspect of our team. It’s always great to see deserving mentors win WFFA, but it feels even better when it’s someone who was a great mentor to me when I was a student. and who I now have even more respect for working alongside him as a mentor.

Also was happy to see Mike win. He’s a mainstay at Minnesota FRC and FTC events, and has put together another fantastic program in our district.

Sorry that last week was a very busy week but here are Week 4 WFFA, please forgive the delay.
Brian Costello Team 810 SBPLI #2
Richard Berglund Team 1369South Florida Regional
Jason Bosch Team 4780 Buckeye Regional
Hiroaki “Hiro” Masuo Team 2393 Smoky Mountain Regional
Katie Bach Team 2052 10,000 Lakes Regional
Kelli Aellen Team 2491North Star Regional
Robin Olson Team 1792 Wisconsin Regional
Jose Erik Garcia Team 3794 Idaho Regional
Carlos Arce-Larreta Team 3006 Utah Regional
Fazlul Zubair Team 4201 Ventura Regional
Clinton Barnes Team 987 Las Vegas Regional
Matt Fagen Team 4253 Hawaii Regional
Alvin Cheng Team 1967 Silicon Valley Regional
Nava Siag Team 3316 First Israel District Champs

Congratulations to those who were welcomed in Week 5.
Carrie Dean Team 6177 Peach Tree District Champs
Nate Knauss Team 2729 MAR District Champs
Cody Billig Quebec City Regional
Leslie Reese Team 3310 Firsts in Texas District Champs
Jarrett Corcoran Team 2081 Seven Rivers Regional
James Ballenger Team 3250 Canadian Rockies Regional
George Cardenas Team 6833 Arizona West Regional
Robin Dorfman Team 980 Aerospace Valley Regional
Charlotte Van Valkenburg Team 5468 Pacific Northwest District Champs
Gary Israel Team 395 New York City Regional
Michael Wright Team 4522 Central Missouri Regional
Mike Wenig Team 2655 First North Carolina State Champs

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