WOODIE FLOWERS Request! Please read!

Hello All, RoboZone is working with the Woodie Flowers Award Winners group to put a promo together to memorialize and document Woodies Impact on all of us in FIRST. As part of that we would like to put together a montage of videos and photos of any of you that have had interactions with Woodie! Can you please send your photos, videos and memories to robozonepodcast@gmail. com and we look forward to seeing and putting this montage together to remember Woodie! Thank you for your time and consideration in this request!


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When do you need the photos by? I have about 10,000 photos to go through to find Woodie Flowers :slight_smile:

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Here’s a thread of some great videos of Woodie

And there are some really nice photos in here as well

Thankyou for the replies. if individuals want to send photos to the email I stated it will have get some photos arranged!

When you have the chance.

I have 44 photos of Woodie. Approximately 94 Meg.

Festival of Champions 2017.

Please send to robozonepodcast@ gmail.com

I just sent you 32 various pictures with Woodie Flowers in them.
Please let me know when you get them.

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Created a Flickr Group and please post your pictures in here: https://flic.kr/gm/3fzZS1

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