Woodie Flowers

Does anyone know where the judging pool for Woodie Flowers comes from? Is it random corporate sponsors, people in FIRST, past Woodie Flowers winners, or something completely different?

Per https://www.chiefdelphi.com/uploads/short-url/qGvfkS9HwsiWLinEmHSdraknyOj.pdf - previous winners of the WFA award. My understanding is the essays get shipped off to HQ, and events are simply notified of the winner.


Confirmed by a personal friend who is a previous WFA winner from back in the early days and is still involved in reading the essays. At least, he was through last year. I haven’t touched base with him about this year.

Thanks! also do you know any sites that can easily convert pictures into 5" x 4" 100 dpi?

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This is an amazing reference guide. I never saw this before.
Lots of great advice, especially for newer teams who want to recognize someone on their team.

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@Amanda_Morrison gets the real MVP!


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