WooHoo, It's My Birthday!

I always love having my birthday on this day, its awesome to start summer with school ending and then having your b-day, happy birthday to all the others on CD as well, and have a good day! Go Brewers!:smiley:


Happy Birthday, fellow Gemini!

Andy B.

Thanks Andy-I’m looking forward to meeting you and getting you autograph at IRI :smiley:

Hey, what a great day to have a birthday! I personally think Gemini’s are the best!

Happy birthday!



Gemini yay! (i’m one too: may 22)
happy b-day!!!
play nice!:wink:

Gemini’s and June Birthdays…even the cancer ones at the end of the month…are the best! (My b-day June 7th)


hope you’re having a good one!!!
and many more…

HAPPY B-DAY!!!:smiley:

Yo dude!
Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday!


happy birthday.