Woot-Off Today

Woot-off and 2nd regional registration today.

Computer will be busy :smiley:

ok. I’m pretty angry now. I missed the BoC because I started to do my homework thinking I wouldn’t see it for another couple hours…ugh.

i just walked into my room to the BOC sold out :frowning:

What’s going on now? I see that the server were busy. I could only assume that the BoC were being sold at that point.

However, previous posts prove otherwise.

I guess thats what I get for doing my AP Calculus work and studying for the test tomorrow. I have yet to get a BoC in the 5-6 Woot-Offs I have actually caught this year.

I guess the woot-off is over as the lights are not there anymore.

Missed the BOC, again :frowning:

you guys should install the wootalyzer software on your computers…It has warning sounds and even auto buy features for BOC, flying monkies, etc.

check it out. http://www.wootalyzer.com/