April’s Woot Off kicks off with a bluetooth headset from Logitech.

I need to make sure my timing is better this time so I can finally get a BOC.


Number 2 gone… spotlight. lol meh.

Long night/day ahead of many of us.

http://www.woot.com/ for those not familiar with w00t.com yet.

man, this wireless network extender is a real woot-off killer.

Currently external DVD-RW drive…wondering when the BOCs come out…

Woot Off! Woot Off! Woot Off!

sweet,bout time

Right now is when I wish there was a bank right here in the college so I could put money on my gift card… I could use that 4GB jump drive.

6 amp 12 volt battery charger on the woot off right now

I’m currently in circuits class… and I’m a wreck! But an awesome Woot-off wreck. Just waiting for break so I can get a coffee and a monster!



I love that wireless adapter. It gave me time to sleep and I didn’t miss any woots yet. lol (Plus I bought that in a previous woot. :slight_smile:

What has everyone gotten so far?

So far… I have gotten the Leakfrog, the 25 dollar printer, and4GB SD Card.

Waiting on that BOC still. lol

I own one of those adapters, and absolutely hate it. But then again I bought mine at a tag sale…

I bought the HD enclosure with hidious LED fan. Nothing else has really interested me that much, although I wouldn’t mind the current item (GPS) but the software is not mac compat. (duh, its M$). I can just get a GPS locator for cheaper and use third party software/google earth.

I too, am waiting on my Bank Of China.



Got the 6GB Flash Drive for cheap.

Stupid projector, WEAK SAUCE!

I was debating that, but decided against it. Idk why. I am probably just going to pick up a Seagate External HD in the near future (the same one that wil stack with my old one I have, just more space this time).

Why don’t they ever have real iPods on woot - or at least something more than 1gb in size if it’s not a iPod.? :frowning: Even if it was the Nano, I would be happy… just not the shuffle. Anything but that. That thing is like a toy. lol

How many 6GB Flash drives did you buy? And Weak Sauce? Are you talking about the Sake’ yesterday? LOL Sake’ is not weak from what I hear, even if it is woot-quality. lol

Speaking of woot quality, I’m waiting to HUGE see the inflatable projector screen that was on woot a few months back just so I can laugh again and wish I had lots of money to blow for something so ridiculous (and semi-cool at the same time. LOL)

I only bought one 6GB drive.

Because woot is a place where bad products go to die in cheap consumer’s hands. iPods do not fit this category. The iRobot Roomba does. So do PowerStix. And inflatable projection screens (like the one on Pimp My Ride). And iRobot Roombas.


Sima XL Theater Inflatable Widescreen Projection Screen
ELGIN, WHERE ARE YOU!? :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s over and no BOC!!!

I was in a chat when that came up, and everyone that read my post wanted me to buy it.
Fortunately, I don’t give into peer pressure that often.

That said, I did buy 3 Monkeys though. lol

Grand haul from this woot experience:
(1) Leakfrog, (1) 25 dollar printer, (1) 4GB SD Card, (1) Delphi USB 2.0 Lighted Cable - 4-Pack, & (3)Screaming Monkeys.

I’m happy to get all of those things, and my debit card is happy, since I did not use it TOO much considering all the items that were up for sale during this wootoff. lol