Wordpress Question

To any teams that use Wordpress, what theme do you use? Our theme is currently quite bad, and I’m looking to improve our website. Also any tips or advice would be very helpful.

The Sydney theme plus the Elementor page builder is a powerful combination.

1836 used FlatOn Pro for a while when we still used WordPress. The best decision we ever made, though, was to abandon WordPress all together and use an HTML template.

We are using Spacious, however we are looking into a complete redesign.

For our website redesign we used the Elementor Pro and the theme builder that came with it, we were able to create our own headers and footers as well as easily design content for our pages. the only caveat is you will have to spend $50 iirc for the pro version

here’s our site built with the above method: https://team3161.ca

But if you want a free option that also works with the regular elementor(which is a great Visual Editor and is definitely better than the stock wordpress one), there are tons of themes like Ocean WP or Sydney as mentioned before.

We are using Parvati with Elementor.

Pardon me that I’m just finding more about full width and absolute positioning options, but here is our site currently: pantherrobotics.com

When we were initially designing our website using Wordpress in 2012/2013, we weren’t super happy with the existing themes that were out there, so we decided to write our own. While this may sound daunting, it’s not the most difficult thing, and can often times make it easier to keep your website consistent with the rest of your team’s branding. If you’re interested, the Wordpress Codex article on Theme Development would be a good starting point.

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