Work and School

It just occured to me that i spend way to much time on CD i know there is no such thing as too much time but i find my self starrting idly at the screen both at school and work brining productivity to a new low. Im Just wondering how many of you Log on to CD at School and / or work.

yah i am definatly at school right now “researching world war 2” LOL I have to admit I’m hooked on C.D.!

Yea its understandable heh especially when your one of those people who net over 5 posts a day as an average.

yah I’ve only been a member since the 6th of April but C.D. is awesome and so is FIRST Robotics! Nationals are going to be AWESOME!!!

Yeah I go on CD all the time at school… but apparently I dont’ pay close enough attention while on(Newton is capitalized Xuf3r)… practically every day I log on during homeroom and during lunch to see what is new on the web not too mention checking things out on the mobile somputer lab as I too do my “research” :stuck_out_tongue:

I definitely log on at school a lot but usually don’t have time to write lots of replies, just read up on the latest FIRST news and what people are saying about Nats. I’d get on at work except I actually like my job and what I do(I’m a 3D Modeler at Harris Corporation) and I’d rather not have my boss fire me.

I used to log in at work but I don’t have a computer anymore (hard to log on when your driving around on a narrow ailse forklift) and they had briefly blocked Chiefdelphi as well. I occasional surf at school but most of my classes don’t use the internet.

I go to a technology school, so I’m on a computer pretty much every period. Sometimes if I’m bored or if I’ve run out of things important to do I’ll come on to Delphi. Actually I shouldn’t be on here right now…I’m over a week behind in my american studies class…umm…

I get on all over Purdue. Forget the computer labs, all you need is a laptop! According to the Intel Corporation, Purdue has the second-most WI-FI accessible campus in the country. We don’t like to talk about who is first … grr.

Read the article

I’m going to have to agree with Carl. I guess I’m always logged on at school, and I love the Wi-Fi here!! Carry my laptop or PDA where ever and I’ve got internet. That darn school that got the #1 ranking…I’m thinking that they cheated! :wink:

Yay Purdue! Teeheeeees. Gotta have a bit of challenge logging on. I log on whenever I can. I love getting messages.

i really figured there would be alot more poeple loggin on at work, or both even its kinda intresting though.

i log on all the time at school … and i would probably at work if i had a job that was on a computer wiht internet access … but i dont so i cant …

cant get on at work, school is sketchy because as a senior, well, nap time is far more productive than the internet, unless a last minute paper is due…but CD is good, but by far i am more addiceted to the boards at TL and GF…both good, and like here, a lot of good people that i know…not nearly as technical, but still goood…