Work at PW in East Hartford this summer!

Well, I leave Pratt & Whitney (East Hartford, CT) at the end of this week and my replacement intern/coop was arranged to start next Monday. However, that person has just backed out (family problems) and my boss is on the hunt for another engineering student to fill the role. If you want an interesting job this summer, and/or need work experience, please send me your resume and I’ll forward it to my boss. If selected, you’ll probably be able to start PW as soon as July 5th. PW pays well too :wink: .

[email protected]

Hey Erin, what kind of position is this for everyone who is wondering? (myself included)
Is it a general Engineering Assistant, or a more focused area of work?

I’m in between jobs right now, and while E. Hartford would be a heck a commute from this area, you never know.


My replacement isn’t doing the kind of work I was doing (they should consider themself lucky) so I don’t exactly know what you would be doing. I think it is more of an engineering assistant type thing, but your working in procurement, so it may just be helping them assemble presentations, chase parts, move columns around in excel spreadsheets, etc…