Work bench -Off season project

We built these work benches to build the robot on. They worked really well. The cubies at the end fit ZAG storage boxes, the one in the middle we put waiter container tub for projects and we used heavy duty locking casters. It was 38 x 49 and there wasn’t much waist for the wood.


So, I’m guessing a single sheet of 3/4 ply, an 8’ 4x4, a 14’ 1x4 and 3 8’ 2x6s? That’s a rough estimate, but if so it would mean you had almost nothing left over. Nicely done!

The 1 x shelves you see we removed. They hit our knee when we put a chair up to it. Your count sounds correct but I don’t remember the martial count, it was a year ago.

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