Work for Atlanta

just curious about how many teams are gonna need that prep day in Atlanta to fix a few things. I know 121 has a few things to do and some of the 80ft of Velcro needs replacing. Look forward to seeing everyone there

If we dont finish our robot at GTR then well definitley need Thursday for Prep. Its funny cause we didnt have a finished robot and we were part of the SoCal Regional Champs alliance. Shows how important defense is. I made a bet with my friends that the winning alliance in Atl will have some sort of defensive bot!!

oh yeah. We just had a de-brief session to plan out what all we need to do. It includes:

Swap out sprocket spacers, put tread on the middle wheels, re-connect the rear chains, replace the trap door, attach the new quick-bumper system…the list goes on.

<knocks on wood for everyone who says they have a solid bot and nothing is needed on day one to run right>

With that said, 237 is in that boat as far as I know.

So, If anyone in our (still unannounced) division, or any division for that matter, needs some help on Thursday, just come and see us.

We just have to assemble out turret back on the bot. We took it off because it was not fitting on in the crate. Other than, we really don’t have anything to do, except working on autonomous and practicing.

If any of your guys need any kind of help, please do stop by Team 612 pit. We would be more than welcome to help anyone out.