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I am looking for a supplier and model of work tables similar to these from team 1816. I like how they are big, look sturdy and have wheels. I also like that top “overhangs” the base. Any suggestions?

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4201’s school has a number of Lista workbenches very similar to those, but with cabinets (and hidden casters) on the bottom. Also matching shelving storage for totes and tool drawers across one wall.


Grainger does sell Listas and many similar. We may be looking at something like this too if anyone has any other thoughts. Something similar to a COTS minimal superpit.

Some industries call this a “packing table”.

I would opt to piece these together from parts.

McMaster has standard duty and heavy duty mobile workbench legs for not too much. In the past I’ve used Edsal 5708 stationary legs for $48/pair in 2018. Another solid manufacturer is Pollard Bros. – I would guess that the McMaster items are sourced from Pollard.

You’ll also need a stringer or a shelf to join the bottom of each pair of legs to keep them from racking. Example was $34 in 2018. You could also fab this component if you like-- it just needs to be sized to resist bending if someone rests their feet on it.

For the tabletop:

  • I always use solid-core hardwood-skinned doors for my workbenches and tables… I often find them for ~$40 at my local Habitat For Humanity ReStore or ~$80 at the Lowes/Home Depot. A 36" wide door makes for a large table where you expect 2-sided access.
  • Lumber Liquidators also carries maple butcher block for a good price nationwide, and they often have sales.

This is the most “I am an old man” post I have ever made


Not exactly the same, but these are amazing:

Seville also sells casters for these which are also incredible


Also… I would like to mention as a Virginian and an American, as you are shopping for a nice packing table, please consider avoiding purchasing from the Uihleins.


+1 on these. We just got one to test out and plan to get more.

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Our main sponsor, the local Rotary Club, purchased a ULine work table for us. It’s just the right height for working, and with casters it was $488 (including shipping).

ULINE - Shipping Boxes, Shipping Supplies, Packaging Materials, Packing Supplies

We had these guys custom make some pits for us a couple years ago.
Good people to work with and a Minnesota company.


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