Workaround for E09 Classmate USB boot failure

Our team is one whose 2009 Classmate refuses to boot from the 2012 Driver Station Image USB provided in the KoP.

As a workaround, we cleaned a generic USB stick (an old Microcenter 16GB), copied all the contents of the KoP stick to it, and made it bootable using the Windows 7 AIK tools (bootsect /nt60). The Clasmate booted and re-imaged successfully from the generic USB stick.

Hope this helps…we found this process easier than doing the “clean and update” procedure previously posed on the FIRST website.

  • Ron
    Team #2607 controls mentor

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I will try this tomorrow and post results! We are having the same issue. :slight_smile:

Question: could you apply the “bootsect /nt60 X:” command to the image that FIRST gave us* or will this not work.

Side note: I have not been able to try this suggestion yet. I will post results later.

*All other people reading this, REMEMBER BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP before you modify anything that FIRST gave us!

Ok tried this. It didn’t work. What command did you use with bootsect.exe?
Thanks in advance

Assuming the new generic USB stick is drive X:, the command “bootsect /nt60 X:” should work.

Make certain you start from a “clean” USB stick - use diskpart to “clean” the stick, then create a new primary partition on the stick, mark it active, and format it.

Then copy over the contents from the KoP USB stick.

Then use bootsect to make the USB bootable.

  • Ron
    Team #2607 controls mentor

how do you copy it to the other “clean” disk
because i have a 8GB flash disk however it says i dont have enough space to copy it over
i need some help!! Thank you!!!:]

FIRST released today a walk through on how to transfer the files from the damaged flash drive to a new flash drive that will fix the damaged boot sector.

Thank you so much!!! It works!!!