Workbench help please

Hi, I am the head programmer for my team and we seem to have lost our installation disc for the Workbech software. We are all going crazy trying to find it and we need it as soon as possible to have the IT department at my school install it on our laptops. Can anyone help me out with a disc image or anything? We have our own key. Even if you can only tell me what version of the Workbench that FIRST uses, any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

I’m going to bump this, because our install disk is gone too. Our programmers are gone/graduated and we are muddling through: is there a download version available from Wind River before kickoff, a la Autodesk, or do we have to hunt down another team’s disk/wait til kickoff?

[heh, thank goodness for Chief Delphi. Expect a lot of posts from the frantic new lead programmer… :stuck_out_tongue: ]

There is a trial version downloadable from WindRiver, but I am not 100% sure that it is the correct version. Since this post I have decided to switch to Java anyway so I probably won’t be needing the Workbench anyway but it would be nice to have for the future.

I believe the version used is modified to be specific to FIRST as the installer was built into the LabView disks. Also, as far as I’m aware, there is no download available. If you can’t find a nearby team to borrow a disk from, I would give FIRST a call and ask if they know of a way you can get an extra disk or possibly someone else you could call/email to find out.

Thank you!!
We’ve got 6 other teams in the area, and I’m sure we’ll be able to find one of them with a disk laying about ready to be donated, heh. That’s assuming there’s no expiration on the software…

I believe it expires Jan 8 2011.