working til midnight

anybody has those kind of nights yet? we haven’t yet but sure enough, we’ll most likely have on friday and saturday night I bet.

We worked Friday from 3 till 7 and then Saturday from 9 till 8 and then Sunday we worked from 9 till 9. this week we will work everyday after school and then this weekend we might do the same times if everything doest get done this week…

We worked from 7 A.M. this Saturday LITERALLY ALL DAY!
3 problems with this:

  1. We never work Saturdays or Sunday’s
  2. We never work ALL DAY
  3. Our robot interface broke.

its starting to happen, last week was mon-tues-thurs (3:30 to 9) and saturday 9-5 <8hr saturdays since week1… stupid intnt’l border :frowning: takes 1hour ish each time we cross for meetings

but its definately going to be all day every day this week if we want to make 2 robots (get current bot to 90% for practice, then make competition bot which is currently at 15%)… saturday sunday is going to be midnight / sleep at school days.

I know for a fact that Team 1114 has been working until 4:30 am all week. And then they come back in at 10 am to work again. We arent even close to that thank goodness!

And school is not an issue? :ahh: I just wish we could work during the day.

Ive been on teams that pulled 72 hour weekends (friday morning till monday morning) right before ship date

and Ive done similar things at work many times.

i think my team has found a new way to use the 6 week cram period and be able to turn it into just the 6th week. nevertheless we will be be ready and driving for practice by next week. we are actually having are of are parts we havent got yet today or yesturday night. the one main component we didnt have was (u guys could guess it) our frame. well alas we will be getting our frame to go with the already existing parts that we have. if we work till 9- 10? each day during this week and on saturday 9-? we will be driving saturday night. code is good and being tested on old robots. well hope to show of BIG MO with the new improved cram period. :smiley:

We have already stayed till 12 4-5 times, we would have stayed later but our school has a new security system where the police come if you stay in the building between 12-5am :(. (last year we stayed till 3-4 am a couple times)

This last week will be lost of late night making parts because it is down to the wire. We will most likely be there from 9am-1am on sat and sun this weekend. This is one of the few builds im worried about time and weight at the same time. O well theres always the time machine weve been working on, hopefully thats up and running this week…


Crazy things happen when you pull all nighters at robotics…

When I was a student on Team 204, in like my Jr. year, we had advisers that were real cool about us staying late. We would have our classes end at 2:11 and stay until 11:00 on the week days and on the weekends we would work from 11:00 to 11:00 at night. It was much more relax then ever and we could do a lot more stuff. However when our new advisers came in, we had a set-up new schedule where we could only work on certain days for a limited amount of time.

I missed the good ole’ days!

The last time 862 worked till midnight was back on 2004 we went 9am to midnight on Saturday then 9 to 5 Sunday. I think that was the Saturday Not2b claimed “I’m a FREAKIN’ mentor, I can walk on FREAKIN’ water!”

We usually meet 5 to 8 but this week we’re going 5 to 10 with small groups working earlier and some like me working for the first two class hours, since our classroom is where we build the robot.

I’ve left at or past midnight more times than I can remember :stuck_out_tongue:

We unveil at least some sort of functional robot for our school at the pep rally for winter homecoming. This was last Friday for us this year. Usually the Thursday before people stay until we have something presentable. At least for all four years we’ve been up in the range of 3 to 4 am on that Thursday. But the students at the pep rally always love the robot.

Another one of my favorites was a mentor on our team travels during the week for his job but is able to work weekends. So if he can get a student to stay we will work late. Two years ago we started making our winch to lift the robot at around 8 pm on a Friday night and by 2 am we had it mounted on the robot and working. We then lifted ourselves off the platform with it, turned off the light, and left it hanging so the rest of the team would find it when they came in a 9 am the next morning. We knew our winch would work when we came back and it hadn’t moved.

You’d better believe it! This past Saturday a few friends and I worked from 9 am 'til midnight. We intend to do that this upcoming Friday and Saturday as well (no school due to president’s weekend). That ought to be fun…

well this saturday I got up at 5PM, due to some problems with our teams animation I spent my time more on 3ds max then on strategy or translation,
and all my hours reached peak on saturday,

I usually start FIRST sessions at 4:30PM (mandatory daily for all participants)
and whilst most night I go home around 2-4AM at least 1 night a week or even 2 I stay atleast untill sunrise, saying good morning to your fellow classmates is prety amusing, me going to bed and them going to…study =)
but this weekend was something special, since animation didn’t have a strict scheduele it was in pretty bad shape, we finished our modelling just that week and I wanted my animators co-workers to come over on the weekend so we can reach the monday deadline, unfourtanetly they didn’t, so after a long friday night out I fell asleep around 6-7am and woke up at 5pm saturday
since we go to school on sundays I decided I might as well stay up since I was in no need of any more sleep, when I came to school at 8am the following morning after a night of delphing and just passing time I was pretty stunned by the fact our lab was not to be opened untill 2pm that day, which in my scheduele was just my nap time after a good hard work all morning on 3ds max, well I guess lady luck isn’t on my side this week…
still not feeling sleepy I went back home and then back to school again
where me and my 2 buddys labored pretty hard on our animation, things weren’t going well to many bugs and segments etc. etc. so we didn’t start rendering untill around 6PM that night (that’s 25hours of me staying awake for FIRST, straight) well I said to heck with sleep, the deadline is tomorrow and if we don’t start rendering NOW we won’t be able to reach it (over here 8am pst is 6pm monday) eventually 6am came and we started rendering on some new pc’s we rallied up for teammates houses, things were finally looking cheerful (36 hours now) except that we just couldn’t get that animating done right, eventually by 5PM today (4 hours ago almost, and 48hours for those of you who are counting…) the rendering was almost complete, only we found out the horrid fact that one of the pc’s was rendering a scene and it had 1:30h to go (30 minutes past deadline) in the chaos that insued we didn’t get any audio, nor did we get a presentable animation but eventually we editted it only to find out we sent streamline a file of only 2seconds long,
by the time we got the hang of shreaking our animation to a reasonable size the deadline was over, and 47 hours of being awake just kept me a wee-bit to edgy, I wasen’t excpecting something incredible, but atleast a representation we tried to send at 6pm sharp!, it didn’t go through, a string of bad luck :frowning: , and poor organization…but atleast i’ve learned a valubale lesson

well, among other things…

nothing like venting your ventilation to a forum full of stange people =)
cheers :rolleyes:

if your wondering, I said to myself I might aswell try and go for the 72 hour home run, but I guess that would be wrong =)m my bed looks so omfy right now…“yawn”

yea this week I’ve been getting out of robotics at 3 in the morning :stuck_out_tongue:

yesterday i was at robotics for literally 12 hours: 10am-10pm. we now have a finished-looking robot!!! until you turn it on… vijay had a spazz-attack field day yesterday trying to fix the gearboxes :smiley:

Each year we have an all nighter. Friday to saturday. It’s half fundraiser, half robot work time.

The all nighter is 8:30pm to 8:30am. We start working once school gets out, and don’t leave till the morning.