Working USB WIFI Router with FRC Radio

Hi all,

After programming our robot and frequently switching back and fourth from robot wifi to internet, we were wondering if there was a better way to connect to both wifis at the same time. (Unless there is a better route), We saw USB Wifi dongles and they seem like they may work. However, there is a large price difference from $6 all the way to ~$50. I’d rathern not spend $20-50 when it isn’t needed. I was just wondering if
A) there is some alternate solution to this problem (other than wired usb)
B) there are certain specifications in USB dongles that I should be looking out for

Asher L

This is the one that I use for that exact purpose:

Works great.


Cosign on this dongle we’ve used them for years for FRC and FTC. They are super cheap and work well.

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