Working with code in OSX

Is there a way to edit it in OSX because if we want everyone to be able to use it I think everyone should be able to with out being dependent on Windows … I run and intel mac and can run windows but it’s kind of a pan to run it.

Edit…yes, they are just text files.

But you can’t compile it.

Since you have a x86 (intel) based mac you have the option to either run it in windows or use crossover

Also do a search next time. This topic has been discussed many times.

You can also compile the code in OS X if you are comfortable with using makefiles, wine among doing some other things. I personally use OS X to program the robot.

Search around and you can see how it can be done.

Well, I code on my MacBook, but we use a PC to compile the code because I haven’t quite figured out how to. What I would recommend is picking up the Carbon Emacs package from the Apple Downloads Website, and use that or your preferred text editor to edit all of the .c and .h files. All of the other files are MPLab specific, and as far as I know, can’t be run natively on OSX. I also haven’t found a way to compile it on OSX, but if someone knows how, I would love to hear.
darwine is a wine port for osx. maybe you can get mplab running in it.

couldn’t you just run a copy of windows on bootcamp? i’ve heard that bootcamp runs windows better than pc’s

I do to… As do many other people involved with FRC. The cold hard fact, however, is that there are no native linux/unix compilers that will work with our RCs…

While you can edit the actual code files in any old text editor, your mac will never be able to natively compile code (unless FIRST allows it).

My team has been using the WINE+makefile workaround for quite some time now, and I will say that it works fine. Its tricky to set up, but once its set up, it is pretty seamless… (This can be implemented on a mac using Darwine)

I would suggest, however, that you use your mac to edit the text code (use textwrangler, or even textedit) and then just transfer the files to a windows machine to compile.

p.s. Or you could just install xp (or tinyxp) under parallels/vmware. I know it takes up a lot of space (though tinyxp weighs in at under 1gb when fully operational) but parallels and vmware will compile and load code just fine.

Macs are useless so switch to a PC w/ windows

That’s wrong on so many levels… but let’s not bring that ‘discussion’ here =P

The mcc18 is confirmed to work under wine, and wine works on OS X (as said before). I haven’t personally set it up, but I’ve used wine before, so I wouldn’t imagine it to be too hard. Also, I use a makefile (and vim) to program on Windows anyways (sorry, I can’t stand mplab…) After getting things to compile under make, everything is lovely. =D


I never could get darwine to work. Can somebody please post a link to a good guide?

Just saw this one and would have to say, wow, there’s actually someone other than me that uses a Mac in Robotics! lol. I mean, I’ve never heard of something like that.