Working with Ultrasonic Range Finder (And other Labview Issues)

So, I’m taking care of trying to add an ultrasonic range finder, to calculate the distance from the hoop to the bot. The problems I’m having are these; One, using an analog input, How do I conver the pulse and voltage info to distance, and two, Where should the range finder be mounted for the optimal distance?

Thank you for any help offered!

There is an example of how to use the ultrasonic sensor that is installed with LabVIEW. The project can be found on your computer at the following location: (LabviewInstallFolder)\examples\FRC\Analog\EZ1 MB1010 Sonar Analog

Or from the front screen of LabVIEW, select Support then FRC example finder. From there choose sensors and then EZ1 MB1010 Sonar - Analog.