Workroom Floor

So usually I am a lurker and do not post much but hopefully you guys might be able to help me out with this one.

I am in process of finishing off a room in my basement for a workroom. The rest of the basement is finished, best part is it is a walkout :smiley: . I will probably do various woodworking projects, waxing skies/snowboard, maybe even tuning and building road bikes and who knows what else. I have the walls (mostly pegboard) as well as lights/ceiling in and now thinking and planning of what to do for flooring. I was thinking of putting in some garage floor tiles (WeatherTech, KiwiTile, RaceDeck, ect) and just wondering if anyone out there has tried these for a workroom and how has it worked. Brand recommendations, tips, suggestions, or does anyone have any other suggestions for a flooring that has worked well for them in a workroom.

One Example