Workshop equipment

Hello teams, my name is Cindy Ruiz from the tigres 6652 team from Monterrey, Mexico.
We are in process to buy new tools and FIRST components (Like motors, gearbox, wheels, etc.) for our workshop and we would like to know what are for you the essential things to have on a workshop.
Thank you

It depends on how much money is available.

For us, we use the drill press and band saw the most. Battery powered drills are also useful. Hand tools of course.

We also buy aluminum and hardware (nuts, bolts, washers) off season. Wire, wiring tools, bearings and the like.

Same for us. We use the bandsaw and belt sander a lot. We also use our lathe for a ton of projects but they are expensive so budget might be an issue. Hand held wireless drills are also useful. We just have a ton of hardware already here and if we need more of a specific kind we get it mid season. As for motors depends what you want to do, but neos and falcons are good (even with the falcon issues as of late) and cims could get the job done for most things. Main gearboxes we use are maxplanetaries and it should interface with most motors if I’m remembering correctly.

Biggest thing is budget. Once you have a budget you can start checking off what you want.

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Spectrum First $1000

Spectrum First $10000


$1000 got a basic update a few weeks ago (updated prices, removed some stuff that’s no longer produced/in stock, updated links, etc)

$10000 should be getting an update before the fall.


Had great fun with you at Bayou 2018!

Without knowing where you are now, and how much you can spend on upgrading tools, it’s impossible to specify the next step(s). What are your current high-end tools, and how much do you have to spend? [Note to those who would answer: not in USA].