The Firebirds were thinking about hosting a workshop with different sessions on various areas of robotics. We were thinkin:

What do you guys think we should cover? (that is if we can pull this off, which is very shaky at the moment, but were gonna try) but i thought that i would get yal’s opinion. thanks!

p.s. would any teams around us be interested in attending this if we could get this together?

The WRRF (Western Regional Robotics Forum) has been holding workshops, during the off-season, for a few years, now.

The main subjects covered are things like drivetrain design, electronics / wiring, programming, motor choice, and pneumatics. There is also a Rookie Workshop, which is used as an introduction to what new teams are getting themselves into. I believe thoughts are being thrown around about there being a CAD/Inventor workshop, along with the vague possibility of a custom circuit board workshop, but I find it almost unlikely, at this point.

Our workshops are held approximately two per day, over the course of three days. I’m not sure what the dates are set to be, for the next round of workshops, but mid-September, November, and October all ring bells.

The WRRF Workshops are a collaborative effort from many WRRF teams, so I’m not sure how a single team would go about hosting and teaching them. If you have any questions, please ask.

My name is Gabe Goldman…
and I’m the current ASME FIRST Coordinator for Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va.

We will be hosting a series of workshops in the fall that will cover the whole spectrum of robotics topics! There will be one workshop a month, for three months, starting in September.

Some topics include: CAD, Programming, Designing, Custom Circuits, Autonomous Programming…(Just to name a few).

There will be workshops that will suit the needs of all levels of teams…
From rookies…to 8 year Veterans!

If you are interested in learning more, please send me an e-mail at

Hope to see you all there!!

-Gabe Goldman

Team 294 engineer Rick Wagner is hosting a workshop that is six classes long. Four other teams will be there. You can find the cource document Here

Good Luck!