World Component OPR, EPR, CCWM

2018 World Component OPR, EPR, CCWM for Weeks 1 thru 5


2018 World Component OPR EPR CCWM for Weeks (3.15 MB)

2018 World Component OPR EPR CCWM for Weeks (3.15 MB)

I’ve been waiting for one of these data sets. Thank you.

Me too. I’d normally use 2834’s database, but the search function doesn’t seem to work anymore in their excel sheet.

Would it be helpful if I also posted component OPR EPR CCWM for each individual event ?

Or are you able to get that satisfactorily elsewhere ?

Ether, can you explain the “Auto Switch at zero” stat?

Just spot checking our own team, I know we owned the switch in Auto for 14 out of our 16 matches played so far, but the component OPR for “auto switch at zero” is only 0.394. Am I misinterpreting this?

“Auto Switch at Zero” is a Boolean (TRUE/FALSE) in the TBA API retrieval.

The OPR/EPR/CCWM value was obtaining by setting it to numerical value of 1 or 0 and then computing it in the normal way.

Your score of 0.394 puts your team in the top 12% of 3431 teams.

Nope, I just wanted to see where we were ranked globally in those statistics.

It reaffirms my opinions about our performance.

How did you arrive at top 12%? Is there a sorted list somewhere?
Thanks for the data, I’ll be looking at a lot of this before champs.

Can you explain EPR? Never seen it used before. Thanks:)

You can sort the list by throwing it into Google Sheets and sorting the sheet through column B by Z->A.

TIL that Excel can sort things. Should have been obvious, in hindsight.

You can also use an equation like =RANK.AVG(cell, range, 1)/COUNT(range)

RANK.AVG takes the average rank of all equal values. Replacing it with RANK.EQ (returning the top rank) may make more sense depending on the values. Should work in excel or google sheets.

There are a few posts in this long thread here discussing it.

Is anybody else computing World Component OPR ??

If so, I’d like to hear from you.

If you’re the only team at an event that can do this and you do it every time, your OPR for this will be 1. If every team at an event can do this and all alliances do it every time, your OPR for this will be 0.333.

This is a good example of where the linear “add up the contributions for teams” OPR model isn’t great, because if all 3 teams on an alliance can do this, the alliance doesn’t get 3x the points. It also rewards teams for doing this at events where most of the other teams can’t a lot more than doing this at events where many other teams can.

2018 World Component OPR, EPR, CCWM for Weeks1-6 thru 0408](

2018 World Component scores for Weeks1-6 thru 0408](

Could you divide this data into which of the two Champs they will attend?