World Cup 2006

OK guys! It’s coming up, and if anybody needs the full TV schedule I have that available :slight_smile:

Who are your picks?
1st place
Group A: Germany
Group B: Sweden
Group C: Argentina
Group D: Mexico
Group E: Italy
Group F: Brazil
Group G: France
Group H: Spain

2nd place
Group A: Ecuador (Poland has had some unreliability this year, but they’re possible)
Group B: England
Group C: Netherlands
Group D: Portugal, though that’s not my reason, but it’s a fun article
Group E: Czech Republic
Group F: Croatia
Group G: South Korea
Group H: Ukraine

I chose Sweden over England mainly in terms of the record between them, and Sweden is remarkable this year. I’m still kinda undecided on Group C, with Argentina and Netherlands. The two have a history together, though Netherlands has an exceptional team this year. So on and so forth. If USA can pull out something good, good for them, but I confess that I have much more confidence in Italy.

When I first saw this list I thought to myself “New Zealand is the only country I know of that has a Seg Polo team” … :confused:

But then I realized you were not talking about the Woz Challenge Cup](

Sorry … :stuck_out_tongue: nevermind … :o

Good picks.

Group A: Germany - one of my favorites, just by default
Group B: England
Group C: Argentina
Group D: Mexico
Group E: USA - can’t not vote for, Czechs are a powerhouse though
Group F: Brazil
Group G: France
Group H: Spain

Brazil is obvious, however group D may have some changes with the addition of Angola, never know.

Though Brazil is obvious, Group F is going to be an absolute beast.

Japan has a lot of momentum, Australia I don’t know about with performance but their fan base seems to be through the roof, and Croatia is just plain incredible recently. So that second place spot in the tournament is going to be hot, hot hot!

So after staying away from this FIFA-UEFA-MANCHIE (according to Genia)-EuroLeague fever for three years, I’m trying my best to catch up. I’m gonna try my best not to take sides, but pardon if i offend someone.

Its good to see that veteran like Beckham, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho are coming back, but keep in mind there are alot of newbies on the field too. Not to mention the-new-beasts Rooney (Eng) and Schweinsteiger (Germ).
Since i gained my consciousness I’ve been told that no one can easily beat Brazil, and I’ve witnessed this team winning FIFA cup twice. Although in 1998 France was able to steal it, but they were not able to keep up with it. SO there goes Brazil again in 2002 for the FIFTH :ahh: time.
So i think we need a new rival. In my lifetime so far Brazil has hammered it twice, but now I’m looking froward to an upset and some new team becoming a rival.
I think Germany has a pretty good chance as they are playing on the home ground and have alto of audience support; but you never know about Argentina, Australia, Japan (looks tough), etc.

Well thats what i think so far.


PS I’m going to support USA no matter what because its the my current mother country.

PSPS I didn’t like the new song ‘Our Lives’ for FIFA 2006, so I’m still gonna sing ‘Cup of Life’ from 1998

Switching 2nd place Group F pick from Croatia to Japan.

Yay! I <3 Football (If it’s called Soccer it tends to lose intrest) Last World Cup I got up at 4:00am to watch England vs. Germany, I wonder if I’ll get the chance to watch another crazy match.
** 1st place
Group A: Germany**
** Group B: England** (I get up at 4am to watch them, I’m taking them)
** Group C: Argentina**
** Group D: Portugal**
** Group E: Czech Republic** (This is a Group worth getting up at 4 for)
** Group F: Brazil**
** Group G: France**
** Group H: Spain**

** 2nd place**
** Group A: Poland** (Ecuador has only won 1 World Cup match ever, don’t discount Costa Rica though)
** Group B: Sweden (Well they are better than Paraguay and Trinidad and Tobago)
** Group C: Netherlands
(It’d be tough to win their group after not qualifying, however they are 3rd in the World)
** Group D: Mexico (These guys have a lot of hype this year, but I don’t think they can win)
** Group E: Italy
(The conservative, wait until the other side makes a mistake and then exploit it strategy works well when you have a powerhouse group, an American footballers should have some mistakes to exploit)
** Group F: Croatia (I love these guys since they suprised everyone back in 98)
** Group G: Switzerland
(These guys may not beat France, but they got the style of play to beat the South Koreans)
** Group H: Tunisia **(The England-Tunisia Soccer Holligan riots in 98 have a special place in my heart, this is the best African team by far)

I can’t wait, this is the greatest event to watch/take part of in the world

This is going to be ridiculously fun to watch.
Group A: Germany
Group B: England
Group C: Argentina
Group D: Portugal
Group E: Czech Republic (maybe Italy)
Group F: Brazil
Group G: France
Group H: Spain

Score Update - 6 / 09 / 06

Germany 4, Costa Rica 2
Ecuador 2, Poland 0

Yay for good predictions

The games tomorrow:

Trinidad and Tobago - Sweden - definitely an easy game for Sweden. Although their first goly won’t be playing and their second goly lacks experience, I am convinced Sweden’s Larson and Ibrahimovic will do the job.

England - Paraguay - I think it will be one of the better games in the first round. Although the odds are for England, Paraguay is a strong team and they have a good chance against England who is missing Wayne Rooney.

Argentina - Ivory coast - Although Ivory coast may surprise, I think Argentine will take this one easily.

Anybody know where I can view highlights from today’s games online? Can’t watch it when I have to work all day. I don’t think I will be able to handle it when Le Tour de France and the WC are on at the same time.

Hmmmm…you may try seeing the website, or looking on ESPN’s website for clips.

GO ENGLAND!!! wooo. My grandparents are coming over from England next week and my Grandpa LOVES “football”. Its only fitting that i cheer for my heritage country :slight_smile: Anyone with me on MSN would be able to tell which country i was cheering for. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s no chance Brazil will see a sixth victory any time soon, since its England’s turn to reign again, waiting 40 years to emerge as victors anew.

The fact that I am pro-Brazil & anti-England makes this a controversial statement…agree to disagree heheh.

hmm… i doubt it. I’m still cheering for England (as they are my mother team)

Ohh god!..we’ll see :wink:

Oh don’t get me wrong, I think that England can take Paraguay and T & T, but after that is where the hatin’ begins. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sweden vs Trinidad & Tobago…

Sweden came in with a 41:1 chance of winning the cup
T & T with a predicted like, 2001:1.

And it’s a draw! And T & T was down one man because of a red card! Oh man, so for those of you Football illiterate fellows, this means that T & T and Sweden each get 1 pt in the standings (the reward for a draw).

The current Group B scoring is as follows:
England beat Paraguay 1-0, so…
England: 3, Sweden: 1, T & T: 1, Paraguay: 0

Upcoming matches for Group B:
England vs T & T: June 15
Paraguay vs Sweden: June 15
England vs Sweden: June 20
Paraguay vs T & T: June 20

So we can see a lot happening here…
If England wins 1 match and gains a draw, they are gauranteed entrance, since they’d be taking those 3 points away from T & T or Sweden. But who gets 2nd place…that is the question!

And next, we have Argentina vs Ivory Coast.

Fun fact! The Ivory Coast was in the process of a civil war, which has been postponed in honor of the World Cup.


or anyone else that was put in first place but didn’t win.

sorry to break it to you guys, but Brazil is going to win. and if they weren’t playing, Venezuela would have played/won.

You have a point with Brazil’s win record, and I agree that they’re the most likely, but before you fix it keep in mind Germany’s stellar performance with quick scoring earlier in the match. Additionally, Iran & Mexico are scheduled today, and a few other powerhouses are coming shortly. Czech Republic is also showing a lot of potential this year, so those first four places may not be as concrete. Ignoring my passionate dislike for England, I wasn’t wholly impressed by their performance against Paraguay. It seemed a bit weaker than they had been in prelims - a bit too reserved. It’ll interesting to see how it advances.