World High Score?

PNW Glacier Peak has seen some tremendous scores. Several alliances that can put up four rotor performances. A score of 465 points was just put up in semifinal 2-2. Is this a world high score? I am looking for scores with no foul points.

Please update as more high scores are set if there is a higher one.

The Blue Alliance has a page for this. The world high score in a match that was penalty free is currently 506 points.

Last week 2481, 4143, and 2220 put up 506 in QF 5 at Central Illinois. No fouls.

465 isn’t even close to the unpenalized world high score. Central Illinois blew that out of the water with a score of 506. for any future inquiries.

1425, 4488, and 6445 scored 488 points at CAIS this weekend, and were one climb away from a world high score (This was the only match all season in which 1425 attempted to climb and failed)

I mean…

/r/FRC is leaking

They had 85 points in fouls; so they were 103 points off the WHS.