World Of Warcraft

Anyone pick this up??? and if you did what server/s are you playing on??

Grona - NightElf Druid - lvl 12 =D

right now its a lil bit laggy because there was over 200.000 subscribers within the first about 12 hours of release. I love it so far, and they have improved the game since beta…

apparently nobody likes WoW except us 2 :frowning:
Im on lothar, alliance, Gurnisson
and Dragonmaw, horde, Kulazi

cant play as much now that its First season though :stuck_out_tongue:


Im on Zul’jin and Cenarion Circle.

Lvl 35 dwarf warrior

Lvl 18 troll shamen

the poeple who play wow are too busy playing to post on CD

Talk to Jakification. He plays.

my friend (and teammate) Plays… [email protected]

visit his website:



My chars name is Mapmaker, I play on Alleria as a lvl 17. whisper if u want to talk robotics.

alot of chars- lvl 53 Troll Rogue on Kil’Jaeden (Horde)
lvl 27 Tauren Shaman on Kil’jaeden (Horde)
lvl 24 Human Rogue on Gorgonnash (Alliance)
lvl 13 Dwarf hunter on Gorgonnash (Alliance)
and a couple support on each server listed

2 more on a server that I don’t remember


pretty big over here

I play, im on frostmane, lvl 22 shaman named akedo. im an enchanter, yay (exspensive)

Shattered hand - Night elf rouge (WarCry)

I picked up WoW last summer in early July. I play mostly on the Uther server. My characters Baroquen (60 Dwarf Paladin, 300 Mining/Herbalism) and Zinédine (60 Dwarf Rogue, 300 Enchanting/Gnomish Engineering) are in the Alliance’s Vita Infinita guild. I also have a lot of other ~lvl 20-40 characters on Uther.

I’m starting a Human Paladin named Baroquen on the Dark Iron server.

I’m a little more than a week and a half sober (from WoW) due to the build.

I play on Moonrunner and Gilneas server characters:
Gilneas: Norwest (60 hunter)
Gawain (60 pally)

Moonrunner: Soft (60 warlock)
Hard (60 rogue)

Yes, I play a lot :slight_smile:

I play!

I have a level 32 shaman on Llane and a few more characters scattered around. So addictive.

Vita Infinita on Uther’s Alliance side, with my Paladin (Baroquen) in attendance, took down Nefarian for the first time tonight. It’s only our sixth week of BWL experience. AQ40 here we come!

Many people on team 538 play on Thunderlord server.

I am a lvl 60 gnome warlock Named Amisca
Some other people on team 538 that are on thunderlord server are

Theshortest lvl 48 Pally
Nightrayd lvl 50 Rogue
Xye lvl 60 mage
Alizarin lvl 29 warrior

These are all mains of some of our team members. I also have a lvl 25 troll priest on stonemaul named Amisca.

I am in a MC guild (Infernus Praetorium) that has down all of it except ragnaros. I have 6/8 felheart on my warlock. I invite all of you to come on to thunderlord and looking me up and ill try to help you out.

P.S. WoW OWNS!!!

i had to quit playing wow it takes too much time out of my life, i cant do it with work school and robotics. im selling my account and using the money for gas.

I just have to say it…


I used to play but it was too addictive and I had to force myself to stop paying after the first 2 months to keep any sort of life I had. haha

lol, we had a lan server at uni for a while, got to level 23 human priest… bit naff as not nearly enuf people