World of Warcraft

ok please tell me im not the only one here who plays WoW? my main is on norgannon but i have alts on bone chewer runetotem and bronze beard anyone else play?

Welcome to!!! I know it seems like the right place, but this forum is for thread-based games like Word Association, Caption Contests, Trivia, etc. This belongs in Chit-Chat (the parent forum) but that’s alright, a mod will move it there in a sec.

Anyway, I dabbled with Wow for a month, it’s not my type of game. I’m a FPS guy.

Once upon a time. Not anymore though (luckily).
Also, welcome to Chief Delphi. You may want to check out this thread, from way back in the day. Found it with one of our better kept secrets here on CD, the search function! :rolleyes:

Hmm, the little one has posted. Possibly a 2009 game clue? :ahh:

I wonder how many times has Sean been called “The Little One”.