World rankings?

What ever happened to the world rankingseries that used to get posted every week?

I could be wrong, but I think you are thinking of FRC Top 25, and seeing as some events are still going on today, they may not have created a thread for this week yet.

Also keep in mind, FRC Top 25 is a ranking based on user votes. It is not necessarily a legitimate world ranking based on data or anything else, it is simply which team got the most votes.

No its not FRC top 25 someone used to post an excel sheet that had all the teams and you could search it. It was all Opr based I believe. It disappeared in 2015 and hasn’t been back. Just curious if anyone knew why or if they had it still.

I believe you’re looking for this: is being updated weekly and contains many different data points on which to gauge team strength (including OPR).

IIRC, Ed Law used to publish a very detailed statistical analysis every week as the season progressed. It was unbiased and data driven.

Ed retired to California a couple years back. You can occasionally see him volunteering at local events, like SVR.

I too have been looking for something similar to what Ed published, but nothing has come close.

[EDIT] While was typing, a link was posted to a continuation of Ed’s work.

I always enjoyed Ed’s ( not Mr. Ed) posts.
But I wish him well in retirement.