World’s Fastest ARENA FAULT?

This morning at Duel on the Delaware, an ARENA FAULT was called at 9:09AM, with about 1min:27sec remaining in Qualification Match 1. One of the field barriers near the Red side AMP failed with 2min:13sec remaining in the match.
How soon into the event was the fastest ever ARENA FAULT? Is this a record contender?


It’s gotta be this


Every time i see that i love how the fta dives at the arena fault button

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If this event had FMS e-stop:


To be pedantic, not all ARENA FAULTs involve aborting the match, and not all match aborts involve the arena e-stop button.

When talking about “how soon into the event”, you might need to define when you’re wanting to start from. I know sometimes the first practice matches right after the field is set up on day 0 end up discovering problems that need the match stopped.

I have a particular memory of one event, where during a day 0 practice match a mentor jumped onto the field to try to catch their team’s robot which was falling over, which meant that the match needed to be stopped. Don’t know as I’d call that an “ARENA FAULT” so much as a “mentor fault” though. :wink:

I don’t know if there’s video anywhere, but 2017 (Steamworks) Waterbury had a really terrible start, where (being week 1 of a complicated field) they were missing field parts and started late, and then qual match 1 got aborted for some reason. That was early in the event (qual matches wise) in one sense, but late in the event (after noon on day 1) in another sense.