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As we (team #2231) prepared for the 2021 build season, we looked for a project management platform that will assist us with the upcoming FRC season. That’s How we found We soon realized that this platform is the best option for us and that it answers all of our needs. We reached out to and managed to recruit them as our sponsor, thus providing free access to the platform to all our team members.

After a few months of great experience, We decided to not stop there. Before the 2021 FRC season started, we presented the platform to FIRST Israel and managed to get FIRST Israel and to cooperate and provided every single team in Israel a free access to the platform. We even gave online lectures and supported teams.

After a successful year of using as our project management platform, and gaining more experience and knowledge about the platform, we realized the amazing potential for something bigger.

In the last few months, we contacted the international managers of the FRC program and reviewed the option of global cooperation. We talked online with Kate Pilotte, Senior Kit of Parts Manager (FIRST Robotics Competition) and now proud to anounce:
Starting with the 2022 season, will be provided globally as part of the virtual kit-of-parts!

In addition, using our experience, we investigated how’s platform could better fit with the FRC program special needs. With the assistance of our friends from teams GreenBlitz #4590 and Skynet #4416, we created a guidebook about the platform and it’s use in the FRC season, and various templates that would fit the community for best use of the platform.

We hope that this will bring out the full potential of the teams in correct and professional management, and would like to thank FIRST Israel,, and FIRST for the help and support along the way.

We wish you all the best of luck, and invite you to ask any question.

OnyxTronix #2231 for FRC Guidebook - OnyxTronix 2231.pdf (1.8 MB)


This is wonderful. We were just about to begin using a much inferior product this afternoon. I thank you for your efforts and Monday for their generosity. Do you by any chance have the FIRST Portal link? It looks like it is there in the PDF, but I cannot click on it.


Interesting development. Been using for work for over a year now. There are certainly still a lot of nice to have items (like subitems dependency getting completely flushed out - especially on automation portions). But nevertheless this is a good place to start for sure.

Thanks for your team’s effort!


And to think, just a couple weeks ago a mentor suggested using Monday, but we quickly dismissed it due to the cost. Guess we’ll revisit the idea now!


Hi, we are happy to hear that.
In a couple of days will release a custom landing page for the FRC teams- which include all the relevant links and information. After that we will update the link in the document.


Great work on this! Thank you!


I’d like to share that in March and April of 2020 we used to coordinate the production among various makers in our county making PPE and when it happened to come against their trial I contacted them and they graciously extended it for us to continue using it.

So I am happy that you’ve done this and had been pleased with their help in the past,


We started using in 2021 with the FIRST Israel collab and returned to our gsheets-based system after we ran into some issues. This year we’re trying it again with much more success.

The GitHub integration can be helpful, though when I tried it last year there were some jagged edges between the two APIs. I haven’t tried setting up the integration this year yet, but the guidebook makes me think that things have gotten much better!

Thanks for arranging this!

In a side note, are the FRC templates live on the “template center”? I can’t find them…


Our team just started making plans to use Monday, but were turned off by the subscription fee - looks like that’s no longer an issue. Thanks a ton!

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Things I’ve never heard of before:

Things I’ll be checking out shortly:

This is awesome! I’m always excited to hear teams are finding ways to improve sponsorship opportunities for other teams, and getting to work with Kate and FIRST HQ to bring it to app teams is quite the accomplishment!


I assume it goes live on the 8th?

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The FRC templates are not available in the template center currently. They will be included in the custom FRC landing page which will be linked here as soon as possible and in the virtual kit.

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Yes, it will be included with the virtual kit.

This is exciting news. I introduced into my company in 2018 and have wanted to use it for our robotics team for years. We’ll definitely be looking for this in the kit of parts.

Many thanks to you and the folks at Monday making this possible!


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Thank you! This will be awesome :slight_smile:

But then, project management is something that I like!


Man this was our number 1 choice for a Project Management solution 2 years ago. Unfortunately they were unwilling to give our team any kind of discount back then . . . so we moved on to Notion and are now pretty embedded in that.

Great job NadavSarel for pushing this at a higher level!

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Any word on the landing page? Kick off is only two days away, and it is very nearly too late to start using it this season.

Unfortunately that is true and something that I hope is shared with those facilitating the donation, that early access of is necessary to prepare for the season and without that usage won’t be as good. Hopefully that is a one season timing issue.

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This is amazing. I’ve been looking for a different project management platform after Trello became cost-prohibitive due to pricing changes. I’m excited to see what we can do with this!


The landing page with the unique signup link (which provides you with the template and free sign-up to the platform) will be shared in a few hours.