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Landing page is here!
Use this link to sign up and get your free account. You can use our templates and customize them, or create your own from scratch.
We will be more than happy to assist if you have any questions.

OnyxTronix 2231


Great. Can you give some quick tips on how to get started? Should we start with creating a team account and then have individuals add themselves as users? If so, do they specify the same account name in the account field? Or do we add individual users and someone creates an account and invites the other users?

I am just not sure of the correct hierarchy and process here.

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Any thoughts / best practices on how a non-school affiliated mentor without a school email account would sign up? The page indicates signup must be done through a school email account.

Also, in my case for our students, they have school email accounts but those accounts are blocked where they can’t receive/send emails external to the school system (for student safety). Not sure how that would work either?

There have been similar issues for mentors with Autodesk, btw. This is not a new/unique problem.

From what I have found out from messing around with it for a little while, is that one account can sign up though a school email, and then they are an admin of the “task board” that they created, from there you can invite other people to that “task board”, and then you have a team board…there is an invite link that you can send to your team and everyone will be able to sign up using that link IF they have a school email…if they don’t, you will have to go click the “invite” button on the top right of your screen and it will say " enter name or email" from there you can enter a non school affiliated email since you are admin, however anyone without admin privileges wont be able to add emails outside of your school domain. Hopefully that helps!!

We don’t have any school emails. Is that going to be a problem?

hmm not sure…I have only been using it for like 30 min, do you have a common email domain members of your team use? Otherwise I think you might just have to manually add each members email, which should work just not as convenient as sending out a link to your whole team

No common email domain, but adding each member is not a problem. However, the email confirmation has a link that says to complete the sign-in to get a 14-day free trial, and the link starts the whole sign-up process over. When we created the account, we got the FRC templates, so it does seem to be associated with FIRST.

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I do not see the FRC templates. Do you mind posting a screenshot or explaining how you found them? Thank you.

Edit: Nevermind, I think I figured it out. If you do not see the templates, You can click the link above again, scroll down to Download Template. Then it will work.

Here is a screenshot.

Edit 2: I am aware that this may go against some of the paradigms, but I appreciate the fact that in addition to all the wonderful built-in views, there is also a simple calendar view that we can use. You can access it by clicking Add View → More Views → Calendar View. You need to install it for each subspace, but I find it helpful.


I signed up with an email on our team ( domain and can see the team is on a “free pro trial” with 365 days left in the trial. I don’t see any details on what exactly the FRC donation is, but I’m assuming I have it. Also not clear if there are any limitations on the number of seats we can have, but I’ll assume not for now.

When you sign up the first account note that you are creating the team as well - “account name” is the name of the team, not a user ID or anything for your account. I was a little confused here. If you did the same the good news it is also easy to change the team name and URL.


I used your landing page link to add an admin user and an account for our team. I then used that user as admin to invite more users to the Account. All that worked, and when I created the account it showed the FRC template, so that much worked. However, I don’t see any indication that this is not a 14 day free trial account. How can I verify that I have the expected free pro account, if indeed that is what I should expect?

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If you used the landing page the user should automatically be on the pro version for a year of free trial, however if you want to make sure you can follow this set of instructions:
If you click on your image (down left corner) and then click on upgrade, monday will show you how many days are left for your free trial.

Mine only says 12 days left. Any idea how to change that? I will send an email to them today.

Strangely, when I followed your instructions to see, it did show me anything about my plan at all, it just gave me a dialog with some names in the background (I didn’t pay attention to those) and a button at the bottom that said “See Plans”. I exited the dialog by clicking outside, reread your instructions and tried again, and this time it says 365 days left on free trial. Hurray! I then tried it with a user I had invited to the account, and the same thing happened. The first time the blank dialog, the second time the number of days. But I seem to be all set now.

Did you open the account through the link on the landing page?

No, unfortunately, we wanted to get a head start so we created an account a few days ago. We clicked on the link and we got the FRC templates but not the 365 days of free account.

I just wanted to let you know that we fixed this problem if anyone was in our situation. We created a new account using that landing page and then copied the boards over to the new account. We now have a 365 day trial.

By the way, we want to thank team 2231 (and others) for their work on getting this donated to robotics teams. We really like the platform and it will be a great help on our project management.

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We wanted to gain feedback from your time with in order to make it better in the future.
Can any of the teams that used the platform send a description of how the platform assisted them throughout the season?



I’d like to hear about how teams are using as well. Unfortunately, it came available too late in the season for us to take advantage of it, but we have high hopes for using it next year. But if there are any teams that did use it who can share what they did or make their work public (I don’t even know if that is possible in I would really appreciate hearing or seeing it.


We use it quite a bit. All of our tasks are put into it and we keep files and links attached to those tasks. We also use it to discuss different aspects of the build.

We are not project managers so I’m not sure we are using it to its full extent but it has been extremely helpful for our team. Thank you so much for letting us use it this year. I really hope that it will be available next year.

Anyone have a decent walkthrough on this yet? The guidebook is pretty basic and doesn’t tell us how/if the different boards are connected.

Are all the templates supposed to be used together or is that redundant?