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The board aren’t connected directly, but you can connect them via adding the “Connect Boards” and the “Mirror” columns. In the shared dashboard you will see the connections, for example in the Gantt widget.

Our team prefer working in separate boards, but if your team prefers working in one board for the entire team- we recommend the “FRC Season Template” board. That way, all divisions are connected directly via one board.

In the up coming off-season period we are planning to create more recourses to better connect the community to the platform. Additional information in that matter will be posted soon!


Thanks for the input. We’re a smaller team, so I think we’ll do the FRC Season Template for now.

So I signed up for this months ago and logged in today to see it defaulted me to the student plan instead of the pro plan. Anyone else have this happen?

My team has just started using Monday but we can’t figure out how to extend our license past the 14-day free trial. We’ve tried using the FRC-specific link to make accounts but all end up with a 14-day license. We thought the issue may have been because of not using a “student email” so we tried with school emails and that also did not work. Is there something we’re doing wrong? Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


The same thing happened to my account, did you end up finding a way to fix that?

I too have this issue.

Will be available for the 2023 season?


Hey Kenn, we are aware of the problem and currently are trying to fix it with, we will post an update when it is fixed.

Yes. will be available for the 2023 season and the 2022 offseason.
We are currently dealing with some issues regarding the registration of teams and once it is fixed, all teams will be able to use in the 2022 offseason and 2023 season.


Thank you for working on resolving the issue, we’ve tried to get it set up and the people with support don’t seem to know what FIRST is which has made it very difficult.

I reached out to FIRST and they worked with to get it corrected.

I tried setting up yet another account and it still says I’m stuck on a 14 day trial. Is there a new landing page?

How do we “fix” an account that we already created with the link but is not on the free FIRST plan??

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We have contacted in order to solve this issue and are currently waiting for an update from them about it.
As soon as we get the update I will post the instructions on how to get the free account on this thread.
Sorry for the delay :pray:


I’ll check with our contact on

Any Updates here? I am having the same issue. I created an account with through the link and did not get that plan. Our team doesnt have any special emails, we used the same ones that our school uses.

Has anything come of this? Our Monday Subscription is about to expire and we would love to keep it going past next week.

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My trial just expired. Do I need to do something with my account? Do my mentors need to apply to be a student organization? At the moment, I’m essentially unable to use

Good news.

I emailed the folks at FIRST who put me in touch with the people at Monday who helped. I mentioned others had issues and she said they were going to try to figure out how to helped everyone. They have the link to this thread so fingers crossed we all have stellar project management in our futures!

I’m so happy. I’m excited to try this out when it becomes available.