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After a meeting with the representatives, we have a few updates.

  1. The landing page should be operational again very soon, we will update when it will.

  2. We are creating a form with which teams will be able to renew their account every year, instead of opening a new one. We will update when it will be out, supposed to be next week.

  3. There is a Monday & FIRST webinar planned for 1.8 at 8 pm IDT (1 pm EDT). The webinar will contain an explanation of as a platform, the FRC usage, and Q&A with us and employees. If you are interested in attending the webinar please answer this form so we can prepare accordingly. Answering the form is not mandatory for attending the webinar.
    Link to the form:

  4. Another plan is the tutorials. We have created a few short videos for using in the FRC and they should be out in a few weeks.
    The tutorials cover the basics of usage. If you want an explanation on a specific subject you can ask in this thread.

We continue to work on new ways to develop means to connect to the FRC community.
If any team is in need of assistance with the platform they are welcome to post it here and we or the representatives will help.
We will post updates for each of the topics mentioned in this post.


For us US folks, is that Jan-8 or Aug-1?


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Progress Update are currently trying to fix the landing page token, in the meantime, we created a form so teams will be able to renew the trial or create new accounts. Just answer this form and your account will be available shortly after.

Also, the FRC & webinar will be on this link in 1.8 at 8 pm IDT (1 pm EDT).


@tails618 @RandomAccess @Henry_Mahnke @legoguy1000 @KelliV
In order to renew or create the account just fill out this form:


Does this mean monday is fully functional? Or is the landing page still being worked on? is fully functional.
All you need to do in order to sign up is create an account with the landing page: Get your free student account (this will create a 14 days account)
and answer this form afterwise: which would make the account be 365 days instead of just 14.


The webinar will be postponed to August 15 at 8 pm IDT (1 pm EDT).

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Register in advance for this webinar:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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I initially registered for the August 1st webinar, but now that it has been resceduled to the 15th I’m unable to make it. I emailed about this and asked if the session would be recorded since it’s specific to FIRST teams, although I have yet to recieve a reply. Does anyone else know if this webinar will be recorded and posted for future refrence?



Yes, the webinar will be recorded and uploaded to our team’s YouTube channel.

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‏Hello everyone,
‏I’d like to invite you all to our webinar for Q&A and explantion on how your team can use efficiently throughout the season!
‏The webinar will take place at the 15th of august at 1:00 pm EST time.
‏In addition, we invite you all to take a look at the post that came up on the FRC Blog about and some important points and recommendations from us!
‏Link to the blog: Pro-Level Accounts for Teams! | FIRST
‏Hope to see you all at the webinar!


I am a little confused by the organizational process for Should everyone go through the landing page individually or just one person to create a team account that then sends invites to everyone else? If that is not the process, how is the team organization created and administered?


@Dan2231, is there a cap on the number of people who can “join” the workspace? With the Nonprofit plan, I thought only 10 people could access the account for free and after that there was an additional cost per person? I’d love to hear if the Pro account access avoids that cap limitation.

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We have more than 10 in ours for no extra fees so it seems like it.

Does anyone know if the plan being given to FIRST includes Slack integration?

Hey, only one team member create the account through the FRC landing page and answers the renewal form, after that, you team’s account is ready.

Now you can invite team members through the invite button (by email or link).

After so, you can create boards and share them to specific people or all the members in the account and start working with the platform.

I hope that answers your question :pray:

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The max capacity in the FRC accounts is currently 100 people.

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As far as I know the Slack integration is free and you can use it in your account.
If you need any help in implementing the integration l’ll new happy to assist :slight_smile:

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It does. Is there a way to tell which account is the “base” account? I set up two accounts when the thread was first posted, but I am not sure which one went through the landing page and which was an invite, or if both were.