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What do you mean by base account?
Have you created 2 accounts or 2 users into one account?

Nether the less, you can use both accounts for the next season or even create a new one. You just need to answer the renewal form with the account you chose and fill out your account’s details so the account’s trial will be prolonged for another year.

By base account, I mean the one that invites the others to join it.

I think I have it sorted. There is an account, which has an associated URL. The account has users, which I can display under the admin tab, “Users” sub-tab.

I am trying to invite others with an invite link, but when I click on the invite members tab, the pop up does not have a link choice, just a place to add email addresses to invite. The help shows a link field. Is there something wrong?

Is Monday going to continue being available through 2023?

I’ll try and check it out, for now you can try and invite members by email.

Yes, as of last season is officially in the virtual kit of parts and it will still be available in the next season for teams to use.

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I remind you that the & FRC webinar is today at 1pm EST!

See you there!

Hello all, was wondering if you have to redo the FRC form to get the Pro access if you change the account name provided. And if anybody remembers, how long did it take for your request for Pro access to be approved?


I don’t think you have answer the form again if you change the name of the account.

The approval shouldn’t take more than a few days.

Approval for us took just a couple of hours! Big thanks to the Monday team and everyone at 2231! I’m excited to give it a whirl in the offseason.


OnyxTronix #2231, from Shoham, Israel, is happy to announce that is now available for both FRC and FTC programs for free!

On September 12th, 7:30 pm EST, and us will conduct a second webinar regarding the usage of’s project management platform for both FRC and FTC seasons. We welcome you all to attend the webinar and invite other FRC and FTC teams to learn how to use effectively throughout the season!

In the webinar, we’ll also share special templates we built and used during our own FRC season.
Webinar registration link: Webinar Registration - Zoom
Invitation: FRC & FTC Webinar 2 Invitation.pdf (433.4 KB)