Worlds advice?

My team (The Bad News Gears) is going to worlds in Detroit for the first time, any advice?

I think we might need some more specificity here.

Are you asking for advice on how to be competitive? Are you asking about pragmatic things like transportation and hotels? Are you looking for things to do in Detroit?

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Book your transportation and hotel ASAP.
Look to see if you can split costs with other local teams attending the event (share buses or trailers, etc).
Build your crate ASAP. Figure out how your robot will (or will not) fit into it. Review shipping rules carefully to understand the process.
Figure out your pit set-up in advance. Ensure that there’s quick/easy access to the tools you will need to uncrate your robot.
Keep working on your withholding allowance. You have 30 lbs of improvements you can continue to make before and after your next regional event. Take advantage of that.
Start refining your pit discussions for the Championship level of pit interviews. Really focus on what sets you apart, and make sure all your students in the pit are fluent in those topics.


What she means is, our team will be attending Detroit for the very first time to compete. She wants to know if any teams (or even from a spectators point of view) have any advice competition wise, or anything we need to watch out for.

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Keep in mind that this is a very HUGE competition, it isn’t like oh you’re right there at the field in a second, it’ll be a walk for your driveteam more than likely. So when they call the match before yours, I would start heading down to the field and be ready. Although they’ll say you are early, so will other teams, when you arrive early you can change bumpers, battery whatever is needed when you’re waiting and if you have something wrong there’s time to go get it. It’s a long walk if you are in the back. Also, be sure to bring water, and a lot of it, you will probably be walking to get buttons, to from stands whatever the case you’ll be a long distance from anything other than other teams. I would bring $30 for merchandise if you want to, sometimes game pins are handed out and keep an eye out for game pieces being given away, that’s the best part! As far as I recommend be early, be hydrated and be prepared. If you make it into finals/semifinals/quarterfinals, you will need to take all necessary tools with you that pretty much includes anything to do with the structure of your robot, have your team ready to haul your toolboxes, tables, vises, whatever you can work with so you can rebuild your pit at the field. With Detroit also being so big you will need to scout teams in your district, other districts are focused on their own so it does eliminate scouting 400+ teams, you may need those other districts top 1-16 teams scouted so you can understand how to perform in Einstein’s, then scout any team picked for finals that aren’t 1-16 so you at least have a little bit to do.


Thank you, this helped a lot.

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I would recommend bringing a little more than $30, merch can be expensive. Additionally, if your team typically scouts teams, and likes getting an idea of who you’re playing with/against, I would recommend prescouting your division by watching match videos from teams’ past competitions. With 80+ highly competitive teams in your division, pit scouting only goes so far.

Expect your rankings to fluctuate. Alot. Not every team at worlds is there because of robot achievements, which means that you’re not guaranteed a killer alliance every match. There will be matches that feel unfair, but strategize as well as you can, and maintain a gracious professional attitude, and you’ll be fine.

Also don’t be disappointed if your team isn’t given an award at Worlds. Last year awards were split for every 2 divisions, which meant that for every 160+ teams, only about 20-30 received awards.

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Thanks Ryan, see you at Detroit :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome I tried to follow what you were saying and threw in some extra advice, see you there!


Congratulations you’ll have a great time.

My advice…

Don’t fall for their prepaid $15 box lunch scam. A waferthin piece of deli meat squished between soggy bread and a 50¢ bag of generic chips.

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