Worlds best Everybot!

Now that we’ve seen every Everybot I think it’s about time we crown the king of the Everybot! Let’s find out who really made the most out of the Everybot concept.

I’ll nominate my favorite Everybot in Ontario, 6070: The Gryphon Machine"

These guys played killer defense and made some important mods to improve their intake. They were were crucial to one of the biggest qualification upsets of the year by using their driving skills to beat out the powerful 5406, 1241 and 1246 alliance with 865 and 1310 in quals 71 on ONDCMP.

Also a shout out to 7200 for being what in my opinion was the best rookie Everybot in Ontario!

I’d also give a shout out to Karthik’s favorite bot 4704 “Shov-ket”. I’m not really sure if their design was Everybot inspired so I’ve put them out of consideration but like the Everybot they found a way to intake, portal, switch and exchange with a simple shovel mechanism.

It was a shovel-bucket hybrid. Shovel + Bucket = Shovket! So simple.

The shov-ket’s numbers from our scouting data at DCMPs were crazy. I don’t recall their exact values, but for such a simplistic looking robot they could absolutely destroy a switch/exchange. Definitely one of my most impressive robots of the year, and I was honestly surprised no one picked them up for elims.

Ah yes, the Bobcat!

In Texas, 3355 embraced and styled the everybot concept in “all black”.

They were the #6 alliance captain in a stacked Dallas Regional.