Worlds Divisions OPR Sheet (Schedule Strength and Rank)

I’m sure many of you have been looking close at your divisions, and I got bored so I made a google sheet again that I think will be intriguing to many people. Each google sheet looks at 5 main things for each team in the division. (I am only posting 3 divisions right now. The other 5 should be posted in an edit by 4/24/16 11:59 pm ;))

The query is probably the best tool when looking at 1 specific team. Unfortunately, you have to download the sheet to use the query.

  1. Alliance OPR (Rank 1 = Best)- This takes the 3 OPRs of your alliance and averages them out.
  2. Alliance OPR (-team avg.) (Rank 1 = Best)- This is the same as the Alliance OPR but takes your team out of the equation. It takes a look only at your 2 alliance partners for each match.
  3. Alliance OPR Up/Down (Rank 1 = Best)- This takes a look at the Alliance OPR and the Alliance OPR (-team avg.). When looking at these two statistics, it tells you if you are bringing down your alliances’ average OPR (negative) or if you are raising your alliances’ average OPR (positive).
  4. Opponent Alliance OPR (Avg.) (Rank 75 = Best)- This takes the OPRs of the 3 opposing alliance members and averages them. So if you are on the Red alliance of match 1, it takes finds the OPRs of the 3 Blue robots and averages them.
  5. Schedule Strength (Rank 1 = Best)- This takes the Alliance OPR and subtracts the Opponent Alliance OPR. If it is positive, it means your alliance has a better OPR that match than the other alliance. If it is negative, the other alliance has a better OPR average than your alliance.

Archimedes Division
Carson Division
Carver Division
Curie Division
Galileo Division
Hopper Division
Newton Division
Tesla Division

If you have any questions about my abbreviations (many are odd) or about the data, feel free to comment or PM me. Thanks and Enjoy.

Thanks for making this, it’s is really interesting!

I finally finished and added the sheets for Curie, Galileo, Hopper, Newton, and Tesla. Please look over all my sheets for errors. The error that could happen the most is a team having 2 matches with the numbers 13, 38, 63, 88, or 113.

I will post when I add charts to the division sheets. I plan to have charts on each division sheet by Tuesday Night. Thanks guys and have fun at worlds!

I’ve gotten a few emails about requesting access to run the query. Please just make a copy to your gmail account. It isn’t that hard to make a copy of it if you have a gmail account. Thanks.

on the Newton subdivision team schedule you seem to have entered teams 4276 and 4550 twice into columns Cl, CH, CD, BZ, and BV. It seems to have caused both 4276 and 4550 to have 2 rankings in each sheet while also not giving either 6220 or 6167 a ranking for anything. it also seems that everyone after 4550 has the wrong rankings. Just thought I’d let you know :wink:

Sorry about that. Thank you so much for showing me that weird error. I’m not sure exactly how that happened. This affected the Curie and Newton sheets. If you have already downloaded those sheets, please redownload them or look back over them. Thanks.

Just a quick update. I have made a second query on each sheet. Everyone now should also be able to edit B2 on both of the query sheets in each division sheet.

If a moderator could edit my original post and replace this line

with this line: “You can use the query by putting a Team # into cell B2 on both query sheets”


Where did you get the match schedules from? I can’t find this info anywhere (else).

EDIT: Thanks, Kristian!

Note all the match schedules are preliminary: